Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kristen Stewart Says that Bella is the BEST Vampire in the 'Twilight Saga' and MORE...

Kristen Stewart says Bella is the best vampire in Twilight Saga & more. Access Hollywood recently caught up to Twilight Saga leading Lady Kristen Stewart while she was promoting her latest flick to hit theaters entitled, “Welcome To The Rileys.” In the clip (below), Kristen talked about how she approached each Twilight Saga film,along with revealing that she thinks Bella is indeed the best vampire of the Twilight Saga series.

First, she said, “I really look at Twilight as one movie as one movie that I’m not done with yet. I do them all for very different reasons. Everything that I’ve done in between the Twilight stuff, has just been coincidentally,starkly different from the Twilight stuff. It just happened that way.”

After that, she revealed that she’s happy they’re doing two movies because they would have had to cut out too much stuff. Finally, she revealed that she thinks Bella is the best vampire in the series.

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Via; Twilightish

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