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The Frisky – 6 Celebrity Couples With Matchy-Matchy Hair

Oh, R Patz and Kristen Stewart: look at your matching hairdos.


Robert Pattinson - "Im attention seeker" - 'Top of the Pops" Magazine Scans.

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Kristen on Canadian Cover of Lou Lou

MTV Latin America Names “Eclipse” #10 Best Film in 2010

10. The Twilight Saga Eclipse

Come on. We are MTV. Not really thought we could make a list of the ten best films without including any of The Twilight Saga, right? Seriously, the saga seems to have found a natural home in our chain, has been hailed as the best film in the series so far this year. And whether you team Edward, Team Jacob or Team Bella, the three stars are the best and most nuanced performances to date.

MTV Latin America

NextMovie: The biggest Movie stories of 2010 include Robsten

RPattz and K-Stew – Officially On?

[July] Some acting couples just have such amazing chemistry on film that fans are left wondering: Is there something really going on there? And this year, Twi-Hards finally got their answer, as “Twilight’s” number one couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, officially became a thing. Or as official as they could be considering neither is willing to actually discuss it. Still, the media has reported it, so it must be true — and besides, all you have to do is see them together on screen to see the truth.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

DKNY gives a hint of working on a dress for Kristen

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Confirmed Kristen to attend 'Peoples Choice Awards'

Well, we just heard one Twilight star that will be making an appearance...

Kristen Stewart!

And we're sure there are more Twilight names to come. Sources close to the show tell us that—as of now—our fave young starlet is set to be in attendance.

There have already been some Twitter rumblings from girls in the fashion industry pulling outfit choices for Kris, so we're assuming it's gotta be for the PCA's (although all of Hollywood is currently on the hunt for Golden Globes dresses too, but uh, there are no Eclipse nom's there).
The People's Choice Awards are Jan. 5 in Los Angeles.
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Kristen, Rob (Eclipse) in Capricho Award Winners!


Film of the Year

1st Place Eclipse

2nd Place Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows Part 1

3rd Place The Last Song

No. 4 Camp Rock 2

5th Percy Jackson – The lightning thief

Best Royal Couple

1st place Kris and Robert

2nd place and Di Mari Rios

3rd place Zac and Vanessa

No. 4 Bianca Bin and Gabriel Chadan

No. 5 Penn and Blake Lively Badglegy

Three big loses for Rob because of Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber:

Best Kiss of Fiction
1st place Jacob and Bella in Ecplise

No. 2 Edward and Bella in Eclipse

3rd place Liam in The Last Song

4th place Shane and Mitchie in Camp Rock 2

No. 5 Taylor and Taylor, comings and goings of Love

Best International Actor

1st place Taylor Lautner

2nd place Robert Pattinson

3rd place Daniel Radcliffe

No. 4 David Henrie

No. 5 Ian Somerhalder

International Eye Candy

1st place Justin Bieber

2nd place Robert Pattinson

3rd place Chace Crawford

No. 4 Joe Jonas

No. 5 David Henrie

Best Actress International

1st place Kristen Stewart

2nd Place Selena Gomez

3rd place Emma Watson

4th place Ashley Greene

5th place Leighton Meester

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Water for Elephants Movie Trailer

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Volturi filming BD (Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, @jamiebower @cameronbright )


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Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen had the company of fellow Volturi Jamie Campbell Bower and Cameron Bright last night as they shot Breaking Dawn in New Orleans. It was just a few days ago that Dakota left LA and headed south to the set, looking chic in her leggings and booties. A big group of actors hung out yesterday in Louisiana, though Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were noticeably absent. Robert and Kristen logged time there earlier this Fall, but they really got down to business during their recent shirtless- and bikini-filled getaway to Brazil.
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‘Water For Elephants’ Screen Captions!

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