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Kristen signs autograph for a fan at Ezeiza airport in Argentina today!

Translated: This autograph Kristen Stewart gave an employee Ezeiza Airport where we stayed for 10 hours and we could not see .. The boy showed us the autograph because since he worked there he was able to be with her in the VIP .. He said that Robert Pattinson WAS NOT there.

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VIDEO: Fans from all over the world with "We Love Robsten" signs!

This is amazing!
Robert and Kristen need to see this somehow.
Thanks to @Robsten_Crazy for emaling me the video!

Robert sightings in Argentina! ~ TWEETS!

Thanks to TVampireClub for tweeting these!

Twilight Argentina: CONFIRMADO Rob estuvo (o está) en Argentina

Translation: Twilight Argentina : CONFIRMED Rob was (or is) in Argentina!

Dicen las chicas de Twilight Argentina "En Ezeiza...hicieron un simulacro con una camioneta haciendonos creer q kstew estaba ahi y nos entretuvieron mientras ella pasaba x la otra puerta.." y agregan " Y si estaba robert pattinson,hay padres precentes"

The girls from Twilight Argentina say "In Ezeiza they made a commotion saying Kristen was in the truck and to keep us entertained while the truck was passing by they interviewed us.Kristen was leaving by another  door. Yes, Robert Pattinson was here, and there are parents there too!"

NEW! Picture of Kristen in Bariloche!

NEW! Picture of Kristen with a fan at the airport + Fans waiting for KSTEW!

MORE details! Rob sighting in Argentina!

Besides d Kristen, come Pattinson and 2 +. Calling at Buenos Aires, join Kristen and take another place tranki vuelo.Pidieron p / be 9am about 17 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry ®

no, guys: it is not confirmed. me la pasaron y yo se los cuento. me and I passed the story. pero no me quieren dar mas info q esa. but will not give me more info q that. si vienen de verdad … about 15 hours ago via web if they come true … about 15 hours ago via web

I’ll tell you tomorrow if I can find something else. pero NO vayan q no se van a mostrar ni para una foto.besos! about 15 hours ago via web but not q will NOT be displayed or for a foto.besos! about 15 hours ago via web

*These translations were done by Google Translate.

marisabrel is an Entertainment journalist from Argentina! Thank you to TVampireClub for this information above!

@spunk_ransom Some girls saw Rob today at Ezeiza airport (different airport than the one Kris is arriving right now) and there was security less than 5 seconds ago via web in reply to spunk_ransom

The translation is kind of confusing but the girl is a reporter in Argentina and she says that some people saw Rob and passed the info to her.. She ALSO said not to waste your time going to the airport because they were not going to be available to sign autographs or even be seen!
If she has any more info she will post it on her twitter account

Rob sighting in Argentina!

Via - @Spunk_Ransom

Let's hope that this is true!


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Reports emerged yesterday that Angelina Jolie will develop a film based on a BBC miniseries called Unforgiven. The potential project would grow from the same partnership behind Jolie’s upcoming Bosnian War movie.
Now rumors are buzzing that Robert Pattinson is also attached to Unforgiven.
“There’s speculation in the wind that Robert Pattinson has been tapped for this project,” reports Lainey Gossip. The actor met late last year with Jolie attorney Robert Offer, observes the site, “so his recent trip to see [her movie] Salt with his agent is suddenly rife with new possibility.”

While it’s always possible a high-profile actor like Pattinson could join Unforgiven — especially, as the site notes, to demonstrate his range — as of now, he is not involved.

A Pattinson insider tells Gossip Cop that rumors connecting him to the film are inaccurate.

Gossip Cop will follow all developments.

HQ- Kristen's NY Times Photoshoot!

Friday, August 27, 2010

NEW STILLS: Welcome To The Rileys!

'Breaking Dawn' producers currently in Rio, updates from RioFilme

Breaking Dawn in Rio = an investment of $1.5 million in the city + will generate many jobs + it will be a gift for the fans

They are in Rio. I cannot give details. Soon comes the decision RT @ Vanessahjt: will the producers of Breaking Dawn desist from viewing locations here


Nikki Reed : "I'm excited about Rob [Pattinson]'s movie 'Water for Elephants and Kristen [Stewart] is doing an amazing film ['On the Road'

"I'm excited about Rob [Pattinson]'s movie 'Water for Elephants,' " she added. "I think he's going to be phenomenal in that, and Kristen [Stewart] is doing an amazing film ['On the Road']. Elizabeth Reaser just did a movie called 'Homework' with Michael Angarano, who's a really good friend of mine, and Emma Roberts that I'm excited about."

Logic Behind Kristen Stewart “Jealous” Item Collapses

We’ve tried to follow the logic here, but it just makes us dizzy.
On Tuesday, a magazine story picked up by Showbiz Spy reported that Kristen Stewart had suffered a “breakdown” in Montreal.
Supposedly, the turmoil came about because the actress “can’t handle” her fame and “refused” to go to the Teen Choice Awards. She “didn’t want to have to face the media spotlight yet again,” alleged the report.
The so-called “breakdown” was, of course, nonsense.
Flash forward two days.
“Kristen Stewart is jealous of her Twilight costar Ashley Greene!” bellows Showbiz Spy

Um, ok.
And what’s the explanation for this alleged jealousy?

“Sources say Kristen is furious that Ashley has been getting so much positive praise during promotional tours,” claims the site. According to one so-called “insider,” “Ashley has turned out to be the real favorite with Twilight fans.”

Leaving aside that bizarre assertion, how can the same site claim that Stewart hates the media spotlight so much she’s skipping appearances and is insanely jealous of the attention the media gives to one of her co-stars?
Here’s food for thought: Doesn’t it seem like the media is a LOT more obsessed with Kristen Stewart’s opinion of it than the other way around?


Kristen signs an ECLIPSE book in Argentina for two fans!

New Orleans Film Festival Opens with "Welcome to the Rileys."

The 21st Annual New Orleans Film Festival revealed that two Sundance favorites, Jake Scott’s “Welcome to the Rileys” and Derek Cianfrance’s “Blue Valentine,” will bookend this year’s festival. Additionally, Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours” and Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan” are also on tap to screen as part the 2010 NOFF lineup.

The festival will run from October 14-21, with screenings across the city.

“Welcome to the Rileys,” the fest’s opener follows a childless couple (James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo) who adopt a young woman (Kristen Stewart) down on her luck after Gandolfini’s character meets her on a business trip to New Orleans.

The fest will close with Cianfrance’s film, which screened at Sundance and in the Un Certain Regard section of this year’s Cannes. “Blue Valentine” tells the story of a young couple (Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams) as they try to resuscitate their disintegrating marriage.

Commenting on the lineup announced so far, New Orleans Film Society president Larry Blake noted, “We are thrilled to bring these renowned independent films to the New Orleans community as they set a strong tone for this year’s New Orleans Film Festival. Each year the festival strives to expose the latest in independent film and movie culture to the New Orleans metropolitan area.” The New Orleans Film Society produces the annual event.


EW SCANS! Robert "Sexy Beast"


HOT TOPIC : Hello Kitty Twilight tees!

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Picture & Fan Encounter with Kristen in Argentina

SAN CARLOS DE BARILOCHE (AB) .- "We experienced cold, lack of water,  debt and even fear, but we got to see her and she made it all worth while" said Jimena Calvo (23 years) and Marina Pintos (22), two students on provincial university "left everything aside" to see Kristen Stewart. They were in Villa La Angostura and after chasing for her, were able to converse with their idol and get her signature on the book "Twilight", the origin of the film starring her.

Kristen Stewart won worldwide acclaim as Bella in the series “Twilight." But now in Bariloche for another reason. Next to the famous Brazilian director Walter Salles is in the range shooting images for the film "On The Road" ("On the Road"), Jack Kerouac's classic to the big screen. Viggo Mortensen is also the star of this film with Alice Braga, Amy Adams, Terrence Howard, Steve Buscemi and Kirsten Dunst.A long trip to autograph Pintos and Calvo attend the same university.

Marina was the first to read the book together and then saw the movie starred by Kristen. On 18 August, they learned that one of the actors in "On The Road" revealed that he would travel to Argentina to film some chapters of the film. "That meant that Kristen would also" created Jimena. Then they found out that the destination was Bariloche and decided to travel south. To borrow from that were ordered and took a plane.In Bariloche hired a remise that led to several hotels and restaurants, where they sought without success. "Our anxiety and despair was so great that at the end of the trip did not charge us" they said. The next day, for "Black River", they learned that the group was in Villa La Angostura. "We rented a car and we went there," he reported.

The scenes were filmed on the road to Chile, after the border crossing, so they had to rent chains and make the immigration formalities. When they arrived, they were driven away by security personnel and Argentina returned to the office, where they awaited the return of the group. "We prepared a sign in English for Kristen." By then, the entire production of the film knew the two "annoying Argentine."On Wednesday evening they managed to reach the hotel, and when they reached the car Kristen was in, they ran toward it. But her bodyguard began to rebuke them. In English, Jimena began to implore that all she was asking for was an autograph. Kristen opened the door, got out and said there were no problems. Jimena could talk to her a few minutes. Kristen signed the books they had brought. "We thought it was a lovely person, very fragile and very easily," they said. "But it allowed us to take a picture with her." Yes, he told them, however, which proved to have mate and also prove the dulce de leche.

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Rob, taking on a new role?

Yesterday Deadline Hollywood came out with a report that GK Films is developing a project for Angelina Jolie, based on a 2009 BBC miniseries called Unforgiven. It's about a woman who, after fifteen years in prison for murdering two police officers, attempts to reconnect with her sister only to find herself the target of a revenge plot hatched by the sons of one of the men she killed. GK is already partnered with Angelina to produce her Bosnian War love story, and Unforgiven is being adapted for features by Christopher McQuarrie, one of the writers on Angelina's upcoming The Tourist. This crowd must really get along.

As Deadline points out, Angelina doesn't commit until she has a script in hand, but this project is supposedly fast-tracked, so it's feasible it could be all systems go next spring or so. You don't fast-track stuff you're not willing to spend money on. And yeah, sure, I'd buy it. I like Angelina, I think she's a good actress, and it sounds more Changeling thanBeyond Borders. And theree's a twist.

There's speculation in the wind that Robert Pattinson has been tapped for this project (I would assume as one of the vengeful sons). He had a meeting late last year with Angelina's lawyer, Robert Offer—and a "celebratory" dinner, too—so his recent trip to seeSalt with his agent is suddenly rife with new possibility. You know what? I like this, too. Pattinson needs a non-romantical role. He needs something that has nothing to do with how pretty he is and would actively work against his appeal. As Fight Club turned Brad Pitt from pretty boy to man's man, so could a violent, explosive role transform Pattinson.

 The Brangelunatics and the Twihards supporting the same movie. Can you imagine?(Note from Lainey: or can you imagine the infighting? If the Jolie temptress touches him the wrong way? Major f-cking meltdown ahead.) 

Via @RKDaily

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Kougar Kardashian needs a new boyfriend. Is Rob on her list?

 There's a quick Rob "mention" at 3:30, but the whole video is hilarious. From Lopez Tonight:


Robsten CAKE & Party decorations!


Thanks for emailing me the info!

Hottest Hollywood Hookups by @marieclaireuk

Who: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

What: One of the most high profile on-set hookups of all time, the cheeky Twilight twosome have been the subject of are-they, aren’t-they rumours almost since the Twilight Saga began. During the release of the first film, director Catherine Hardwick said of the pair: ‘Robert and Kristen have this amazing sexual chemistry between them – we could see it in the audition. That’s why we cast them, you can’t create that,’ and many said their steamy scenes on screen gave away much more than the pair were letting on. Rob and Kristen have remained consistently quiet on the subject of an off-screen romance, but after intimate pictures emerged of the pair sharing tender kisses at a party in Montreal recently, there’s no doubt this sneaky pair are an item.

When: 2010
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Robert Pattinson in ‘Hot’ Magazine (Scan)


From @Larry411 : Eclipse just $2.56M away from $300M


Source  Via

Box office numbers are in for Wednesday, August 25. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse took in another $71,270 from 557 locations for a per theater average of $128, representing a decrease of 5.5% from Tuesday. This adds up to a cumulative domestic total of $297,439,330 after 57 days in release. Adding in overseas returns of $380.6M gives Eclipse a current worldwide total of $678,039,330.

For those comparing the films in The Twilight Saga, at this point in its release history (after 57 days) New Moon had taken in $291,550,109. Eclipse is now at $297,439,330. Both films hit the $250M mark on the 16th day. The total domestic gross for New Moon was $296,623,634 (after 132 days). Eclipse has now broken that total by $816,696 (after 57 days). The film is now within striking distance of the elusive $300M mark. It needs about $2.56M to get to that number. It took New Moon 22 more days to earn an additional $2.56M after its 57th day, and Eclipse is clearly doing better. On the other hand, New Moon was still in 1,167 theaters after 56 days while Eclipse is in 557 locations. Still, even after New Moon’s theater count had dropped to 444 (after 63 days) it still went on to take in another $3.8M. Therefore, it should take no more than one more month for Eclipse to earn another $2.6M and pass $300M.

Now wouldn’t be a bad time to start planning for your DVD release parties. The street dates for Twilight and New Moon were both on day 121 of their theatrical runs (Saturdays). Following that line of thinking, Eclipse’s 121st day will be October 28th, a Thursday. The following Saturday would be October 30th — Halloween weekend. On the other hand, sources have told me that Summit is planning for a holiday season release — some say November while others say Christmas time.

Keeping track of records, the film with the least number of days to reach $250M was The Dark Knight, which hit $261,847,503 after eight days. New Moon is in 13th place, having taken 16 days to reach $251,530,186. Eclipse lands just behind it in 14th place, taking 16 days to reach $251,371,417. This puts the film ahead of Shrek the Third, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and Iron Man 2, which all took 17 days to hit $250M.

So far, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has set all-time box office records for Opening Wednesdays, Single Day Wednesday Gross (non-adjusted), and Single Day Wednesday Gross (adjusted for inflation). It is in second place for Opening Day Gross, Single Day Gross, and Non-Opening Thursday Gross. Release records include Widest Releases, Widest Independent Releases, Widest Opening Independent Releases, Widest PG-13 Rated Openings, and Widest PG-13 Rated Releases.

There’s been quite a bit of discussion online regarding the film’s box office success. In particular, I wonder about the fairness of comparing the Twilight films against each other. Despite the fact that Eclipse has now passed New Moon in domestic totals, the validity of judging one against the other is questionable given their strikingly different release schedules. As I’ve been saying since it opened, the idea was not to compete against or beat New Moon’s early numbers. That may be a goal of some people but the idea is to make money, and maybe set some records in the process.

First, remember that the film’s opening weekend started on a Wednesday. There is no way that a “weekend” that begins on a Wednesday can be compared to a “normal” 3-day weekend (when New Moon opened). So any comparison between the two based on how many “weekends” it’s been out simply isn’t valid. Next, look at the time of year the two films were released. New Moon came out during the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season. It’s a big time of year for Hollywood but still doesn’t compare to summer, when they put out their “tentpole” films — the potential blockbusters that will keep the studios in the black for another year. The competition is much more fierce beginning Memorial Day weekend through the 4th of July. It’s simply a different marketplace.

Is Summit happy with the film’s box office returns? I don’t know but I’m fairly sure they must be. Again, the goal was not to “beat New Moon.” That may be something the press or some others will latch on to but it may not be a fair comparison. It was very easy to compare Twilight to New Moon since they opened at the same time one year apart. Not so much New Moon to Eclipse. I think it’s wise to judge the film on its own merits a box office success, with DVDs and more to follow.

2 VIDEOS: **FLASHBACK** Best of Robsten / Comic Con 2008 & 2009

So obvious that they had a thing for each other ;)

Who's Queen of Summer 2010? Vote in Round Two! Kristen Stewart VS. Sandra Bullock!

Vote for our girl!

Sorry Sandra, as much as i love you and your movies..Kristen comes first:)

VIDEO: The Renee & Bella Scene in FLORIDA!

VIDEO: Tent Scene!


VIDEO: The Rosalie & Bella Scene!

Please give credit if you take!

In what type of movie would you like to see Robsten working together?

 Other than the two parts of Breaking Dawn coming up, in what kind of movie would you like to see your favorite couple working together?

Romance? Action? Comedy..? Another Fantasy movie? ect....

E! Online King of Summer – Round Two, Rob vs. True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård

We know who needs  HAS  to win...


Still, the final Edward-v.-Damon showdown trumped ‘em all. Our polls were open for 72 hours, and midway through the final day of voting, the virile vampires were separated by less than 200 votes.

With six hours remaining, and our finalists still locked in a statistical dead-heat,’s Sexy Beast special-ops team decided to hide our poll results, and began to plan a special issue of Entertainment Weekly commemorating a tournament that had becoming nothing short of an Internet sensation.

When the blood, sweat, and broken fangs were wiped away, it was Damon Salvatore who eked out a mild upset victory over Edward Cullen by a margin of 138,630 to 134,728, a difference of just 3,902 votes.

Kristen Stewart's FAME Comic Book Sells Out in One Day.

After yesterdays announcement of Bluewater Productions biography comic book on pop diva Lady Gaga selling out one day after its release, Fame: Kristen Stewart does the same even with an aggressive overprinting of the title.

As for a new printing, next month comes a giant sized flipbook with FAME: Kristen Stewart and FAME: Robert Pattinson. Both books will be printed in a 48-page comic book and have new material not seen before. The book can be ordered at comic book stores and Amazon by using the ISBN code 978-1-4507-0884-5.

Writer Kim Sherman, who has also penned Bluewaters’ Robert Pattinson entry in the series, said that Stewart’s versatility and talent might surprise readers who only know her as Bella.

“For Twilight fans, Kristen Stewart is a woman whom fans long to be and love to hate,” Sherman said. But Kristen has been in the public eye for years, and her career as a serious actor spans dozens of films over a 10-year period of time. My goal with this biography was to show readers the depth residing in this young woman and the roles she’s beautifully tackled through a series of spot shots, pinups and word art.”

Sherman added that the art on this book, provided by renowned DC/Wildstorm artist Warren Martineck, perfectly brings Stewart’s story to life.


Robert Pattinson in “ELLE” Magazine Japan - September 2010 (Scans and Translation)

Translation Gorgeous vampire is the shy 24 year-old “They are screaming for Edward, not to myself. Then it is easier to take all the hysteria.”

 Q: Isn’t it tough to be followed by Paparazzi anywhere you go?

Rob: I guess I should relax and think “It’s only a pictures taken and posted to tabloids.” and let it go.To tell you the truth, surrounded by 50 Paparazzis 24/7 is really tough. And I have a bad habit to react them with nasty face; I should come up with better look for paparazzi photos by now. Laughs.I am always thankful to my family and close friends; they never change their attitude toward me. They keep me to the ground. Some of them haven’t even seen “Twilight” movies yet! So relieving!

 Q: What attract you about Edward?

 Rob: That he is sincerely modest.

Q: You’ve been con stant working. Don’t you want to have a break?

Rob: Not really. If you go on vacation, it is just another cause of more paparazzi photos, anyway. So, I’ll keep working until they get tired of following me; it should be soon over in next few years, I guess.