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POLL: Montreal VS. Brazil!



I know it's hard lol, but let us know which one you prefer.

 Robsten in Montreal or Robsten in Brazil? Send us your vote on the comment box!

Voting will close tomorrow and the winner will be announced!

Fan-Made Video : ~Robsten in Brazil & Montreal ~

Our two favorite places in the world :P
Brazil and Montreal have been amazing to us this year with all the Robsten love!

Twitter Update : Rob and Kristen out in Louisiana

On Saturday 4th December 2010, @DrownInIt said:

*DrownInIt EXCLUSIVE frm #BD filming* Not that anyone thought Rob & Kristen haven't been able to get out to enjoy themselves since they've been in Louisiana filming, but we've been told by a friend that is definitely not the case.

They have been out and about, on at least a couple occasions, but stayed under the radar. "Came in with just one bodyguard and were very affectionate." <3 Never underestimate the #NinjaHobos !
#NoSurprise #StillNicetoHear

Thanks: @DrownInIt

Robsten and Breaking in Instyle Magazine

We are the source, please give us credit.
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Twilight Cast in ”Cosmopolitan” Magazine – January 2011 Issue

Fan-Made Video : ~Robsten Love~ "Thinking of You"

Best of 2010: A year of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (by PopSugar)

kstewrobfans pattinsonstew

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a whirlwind 2010 traveling the world for Eclipse, independent movie projects, and then, finally, Breaking Dawn! Here's a peek back at their crazy year together.

Making Her Mark

Kristen won the Orange Rising Star Award at the show.

Top of the morning
Rob got into costume to film Bel Ami in London in March.

Scene Stealer

Kristen wowed on the red carpet at the Oscars.


Rob premiered Remember Me in NYC in March with Emilie de Ravin.

All Eyes on You
Kristen made a bold statement at the Met Gala in NYC.

Laugh It Off

He laughed on the Fillmore, CA set of Water for Elephants in May.

Almost Been Kissed

Rob and Kristen took the stage to accept their MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss in June.


Total Eclipse

All of their hard work came to a close with the LA premiere of Eclipse that month.

Welcome Woman

Kristen went dramatic for an October screening of Welcome to the Rileys in NYC.

Young Love

They filmed Breaking Dawn as Bella and Edward in Brazil in November.


If David Slade is in Charge of Breaking Dawn's Sex Scenes...

E!OnLine - Marc Malkin By now you've seen the pics of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Edward and Bella making out on the beach.

We could only imagine what they would have been doing if Eclipse director David Slade had been hired for Breaking Dawn, too...

"I would have probably gone after it," Slade says of racier scenes in the final installment of the Twilight franchise. "I'm kind of fairly tenacious that way.

"I'd have probably done a special red band version if it were up to me," he laughed. "But no, poor ole Bill Condon has that task."

As for Eclipse (out on DVD tomorrow), Slade did reveal that there was some chatter of turning it into a 3-D flick. But the talks didn't get very far.

"There was talk of a conversion, but it was really idle talk," he explained. "I think it's really difficult to justify converting a film that wasn't shot in 3-D into 3-D. I really do believe, as does James Cameron and all the people who are actually pro-3-D, that you have to go out and shoot it that way. You have nothing but compromise if you don't."

Preview of Rob and Kristen's CosmoTV Special - 'Up Close and Personal' - Spain


CosmopolitanTV Spain Rob and Kristen's specials will be on December 10th and 17th, respectively. Taylor's episode was shown December 3rd


'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' released on DVD, tops iTunes movies chart!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" was released on December 4, 2010 on DVD, Blu-Ray, and as a movie download. The third installment of "The Twilight Saga" immediately reached the number one spot on the iTunes movies chartthe same day it was released. The stars of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," (including Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner) return to the big screen next year with "Breaking Dawn."

Based on Stephenie Meyer’s novels, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" is listed on iTunes under the thriller genre. It was originally released in theaters on June 30, 2010.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" currently sits at the number 48 spot on the iTunes movies chart. Other notable entries on the iTunes movies chart include "The King of New York" starring Christopher Walken, the parody "Vampires Suck," and the comedy "Airplane!" featuring Leslie Nielsen.

examiner / via

MTV: The top 12 phrases from Robert and Kristen on the DVD commentary

We can all agree that Robert Pattinson is a rare type? That does not mean you do not love. It's just a freak, that's why we were so excited to hear the DVD commentary that the recorded Eclipse with co-star of the "Twilight Saga" Kristen Stewart. The two were not in the same city in fact they were in different countries: Kristen Rob in LA and Montreal, but a kind of conference call allowed the duo recorded the track of the comments together.

It is clear that the two are good friends, and they spent most of the movie in joking with each other and remembering the shooting.

Above all, however, we have no evidence to prove our theory "Rob is weird." Basically all the DVD commentary. What we saw earlier this week, the difficult things we do for you Crushers-and note the 12 most bizarre (and coincidentally the funniest) comments Robsten. Not surprisingly, most of them from Rob.

Scene: Xavier becomes a vampire.

Rob: Xavier would make a great burger ... it just drips and drips.

Kristen: Ew, that's so disgusting.

Rob: Ok, how can we be serious about this?

Scene: the first kiss in the meadow.

Rob: There are a lot of kissing in this movie. I noticed that when I was seeing, after a while, makes me feel uncomfortable.

Scene: Bella gets into his truck. Edward is waiting for her.

Bella (on film): "You scared me"

Rob (in the commentary): I was trying to (quietly) I thought you might like it (quietly) I'm Batman.

Scene: Bella goes to the house of the wolf pack.

Kristen: It is permissible to have other relationships.

Rob (angrily): Why? No, she is not allowed to have other relationships! If you ever see my girlfriend about these guys with their little shirts and all those abs out and fake tan in the nipples and tattoos ...

Kristen: Edward is a bit more mature than you.

Rob: Mature?

Kristen: Yes.

Rob: Nah.

Kristen: He can handle it.

Scene: Boo Boo Stewart on the screen.

Rob: (voice of Yogi Bear) Boo Boo Hey!

Scene: Scene of the lake.

Rob: Have you ever gone to the bottom of a pool and am looked up?

Kristen: Yeah ...

Rob: Very scary.

Kristen: I think it's really cool.

Rob: (singing softly) Doo Doo Dooooo.

Scene: Lost!

Rob: Look, your wig looks good there.

Kristen: No, it does not.

Rob: Looks like Anne Hathaway's hair.

Scene: Carlisle speaks to the group about the struggle with the neophytes.

Rob: Peter also uses his wig as cereal bowl ... sometimes has some, like Top Remen in her.

Scene: The shop.

Rob: God, he's so bold. A I really do not like Jacob. Look at your tattoo. Ugh.

Kristen: See the cradles, her little head stuck there.

Rob: It seems that these ordinances.

Scene: The fight.

Rob: This is the sequel, Kellan and wolf. That will be a magical relationship in the next.

Rob (later): the hole in my mouth, it looks very black.

Scene: Edward bites the head of Victoria.

Rob: Come, come! Mmmm, delicious. Caramelo.

Scene: The lawn, part two.

Rob: God works half the time Edward?

Kristen: It Matter?

Rob: Does not matter.


GIFS from the ECLIPSE DVD! & Isle Esme!

For more visit , robpattinson - Thanks for making them!

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DailyMirror (UK) – DVD of the week: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Thanks to @Spunk_Ransom

4 stars!

Edward, Jacob and Bella are back to take another giant bite out of your Christmas spending money in the third instalment of the wildly-popular Twilight series. This time, the action kicks off in a sun-kissed meadow as dreamy vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) pops the question to his mortal girlfriend Bella (Kristen Stewart).

But given her buried feelings for Jacob (Taylor Lautner), who just so happens to be a lycanthrope, will she plump for wolf or bat? Running parallel to this inter-species love triangle is the terror being unleashed on the residents of nearby Seattle, who are being routinely slaughtered. While a serial killer is suspected, Edward and his undead pals fear it may be the work of rival vampires.

Eclipse is certainly a tricky film for someone of my age and gender. While I could bang on about the faults – its sluggishness, the habit of getting bogged down in back stories and a climax that's over in a flash – I won't, simply because here's a film ergonomically designed for girls in their teens. And for them, Eclipse more than hits the sweet spot.

Just like last time, the lovesick Jacob gets his pecs out, Edward moodily wrestles with his feelings and Bella attempts, but fails, to smile. And, also like the last two films, it neatly nails the agonies of a young woman forced to choose between two men.
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2 Robsten collages!

CLICK to enlarge.

Via- TwilightCommentBlog


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Cosmo Magazine Christmas Card Manip

Via - @ThinkingOfRob & @TwiFans
Source - Cosmo Magazine

WOW. Cosmo Magazine, I'm speechless. Love it!
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Rob on the set of Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge?

Rumors are that its Rob, what do you think, is it him?

Via- Lasagarobsten

David Slade talks about Kristen's dedication while filming 'Eclipse' - mentions Rob!

The substance was always bloody and meaty, but Slade says the pragmatics of the whole ordeal were anything but easy. He feels exhausted just thinking about the experience.

"It was a 50-day shoot, with many 16-hour days," he says.

To make things even more challenging, the cast was losing itself in its own Twilight cosmos. All actors have to surrender to their roles and inhabit their characters to some degree for the duration of production, so Slade was pleased his cast was taking the whole project seriously and sincerely.

Everyone was committed, he says. "Kristen, in particular, was very tough on herself."

Slade says because Stewart didn't pull from her own life and her own person to play Bella Swan, she found it personally demanding to find Bella's truth. "She would say, 'I don't know who Bella is to me.' In a lot of ways, I think she felt Bella was the antithesis to her, which presented a lot of challenges for Kristen. . . . She would beat herself up about it, because she wants to be there. She never wants to leave a scene undone.

"There were tears," says Slade. "But you move on and you keep going. . . . Even in rehearsals with Rob (Pattinson), there was a similar spiralling that would happen."

Actors are people. They get insecure, and any human being facing the weight of expectation surrounding Twilight would have to buckle, if only a little. To offset as much of the thespian obsessing as possible, Slade says he's learned the value of preparation.

He says he rehearses his actors as much as possible, so they're comfortable with the material and their characters, and he gets to focus on the minutiae of performance without the intrusive presence of a camera.

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Souce: VancouverSun
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People 'Best of 2010' - Fashion Face-off between Kristen & Taylor Swift

The Year's Most Outrageous Fashion Faceoffs


The Twilight star promoted New Moon last November in her ivory J. Mendel dress, while the country singer picked the lavender version for an N.Y.C. awards ceremony .

People/ PattinsonStew
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Scene Today Magazine Updates on Breaking Dawn Filming + Scans!

“As Twilight has fallen on Baton Rouge, some other news outlets have been less considerate than Scene of the actors’ and filmmakers’ space, reporting on specific filming on location and even revealing their places of residence. Yet, there have been no negative incidents to report. Actors and filmmakers have been largely allowed to simply work. And the respect has been reciprocal.

While attending the LSU vs. Ole Miss game with Scene Magazine and other film industry professionals, Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey was approached by an exhuberant fifteen year old fan. In true Tiger spirit, he graciously posed for the photo at left before entering the Chancellors Party to tailgate as a guest of the university.”

Source: Twilightlexicon
Via: gossip-dance
VIA: Robsten Dreams


Rob & Kristen Among the Best Celeb PDA's of 2010

                                   PopSugar UK names Rob & Kristen a top celeb PDA couple!
                                                                 Via PopSugar


Rob and Kristen filmed sex scenes for 12 HOURS!!

From the FabLife...Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart simulated the roughest (and palest) vampire sex of their lives for TWELVE. STRAIGHT. HOURS! Can you imagine? And this is just the beginning! Hollywood Life is reporting that this session was for the first of three sex scenes between Hollywood’s most stylish couple. Judging from the first photo released by director Bill Condon over the weekend, this one must have included RPatz famous pillow-biting moment. We bet it will be the Citizen Kane of sex scenes.


LaPush charity auction features a little 'Twilight'; latest movie to be shown at event

LAPUSH -- A charity auction tonight will rake in the funds for gifts for needy children on the West End with the help of a "Twilight" saga movie star.
Cherish Our Children will include a spaghetti dinner fundraiser, silent and live auctions with one silent auction table set up especially for children, photos with Santa and a crafts sale.
The event will be at 5 p.m. today at the A-ka-lat Tribal Center in LaPush.
"We have a little bit of everything -- handmade items, native art, gift certificates, stays at resorts, a river trip, really everything," said Sandy Heinrich, one of the organizers.
Proceeds go toward the Quileute Housing Authority and the Forks Santa's Workshop program, which will use the money to buy gifts for children in Forks and LaPush.
Santa's Workshop program distributes gifts through the Forks Food Bank.
'Eclipse' star
Julia Jones -- who plays the female werewolf Leah Clearwater in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" -- will sign autographs for a fee from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the event.
An autographed picture is $40. An autographed copy of the movie -- which will be released that night -- will be $75.
A variety of other items are available for purchase as well.
No entry fee is required for the auction.
'Eclipse' screening
Immediately following the auction, a screening of "Eclipse" will be held, said tribal spokeswoman Jackie Jacobs.
The live auction will likely end sometime before 9 p.m., Jacobs said.
"We are just delighted that Santa Claus was able to do this for the children," Jacobs said.
The auction itself will feature items for every demographic, Heinrich said.
That includes a special table with items for children -- that only children can bid on, she said.
"People can come browse and socialize or bid on items -- or they can come just enjoy the atmosphere," Heinrich said.
"This is a great way to kick off the holiday season."
The 50/50 Prize Drawing will return as a fundraiser at the event this year as well, Heinrich said.
When donations are made, people receive tickets. Then, at the end of the night, the winning ticket gets half, and the rest goes to the fundraiser.
"Last year, we made about $300 just on that," Heinrich said.

The event last year raised about $11,000, and organizers hope to raise at least $1,000 more this year, she said.



PopSugar AU interviews Bella's Blanket ;)

PopSugar AU interviewed Bella's blanket...yes the t-shirt blanket that Renee made her from Eclipse. Check it out! Really funny!

Sugar HQ had a little excitement this morning. We got to fondle the blanket that appears in Eclipse. Yes, THE exact quilt that Bella and Edward lie on and profess their undying love. In the film, the blanket is made by Bella’s mother and they take it on a roadtrip to Florida. It’s currently touring Australia and we were able to spend a few minutes with it this morning before it heads back to the set of Breaking Dawn.

Pop: What was it like working with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Bella’s Blanket: It was great. They’re totally laid back and real and we had great fun shooting the movie. If you look closely I have some sparkle residue from Edward Cullen that rubbed off on me.

Pop: Have you ever been to Australia before?

BB: I’ve always wanted to come to Australia and it’s my first time here. I’m going to do the Bridge Climb later today then head to the Bondi Icebergs for dinner.
Pop: Are there any other props from the film on tour?

BB: No, just me as far as I know.

Pop: Are you anything like your character?

BB: Yes, but I don’t want to be pigeon-holed into just romantic roles. I’d really like to do action — I can also put out fires or be used in a horror movie to smother someone. But what I really want to do is direct.

Pop: So you’re heading back to the set of Breaking Dawn?

BB: Yes, I’m really looking forward to catching up with the cast. It will be nice to share a cuddle with Rob and Kristen.


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Welcome to the Rileys, Indecisive

Let me start out by saying that I have never seen Kristen Stewart in a role like she plays inWelcome to the Rileys. Her character here is not the teen female heartthrob from the Twilight saga, and that's a good thing. In fact, it's the main reason to see her new film in the first place. That said, the supporting cast isn't too shabby also with the likes of James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo.

The plot opens with an introduction to a once happily married couple Doug (Gandolfini) and Lois Riley (Leo) who have not been able to recover from an accident that took their teenage daughter eight years prior. Bored with his business and not being able to cope with his wife suffering from agoraphobia caused by the loss, he takes off for a business trip to New Orleans. One night after a meeting he wanders into a strip bar and meets Mallory (Stewart) a 17-year-old runaway who has been wasting her life pole dancing and doing tricks. Haunted by the loss of his daughter, Doug decides to stay on in New Orleans with the girl to see if he can help her straighten out her life.

Stewart truly gets into her role as the 'lost' hooker who can't seem to get a grip on how society really works. Her idea of making money is what she can find in her g-string at the end of the night. Gandolfini does a great job in the role of the guardian and father he was not able to be with his own daughter, sometimes maybe overly protective. Melissa Leo's challenge however, does not make the grade loosing credibility between her home in Indiana and her trip to New Orleans.

Now, although the story is well acted and directed, the writer can't seem to find a good resolve. I mention this because there may not be a solution at all. I found myself digging in my own mind on how the film could have ended short of leaving everything the way it was before Doug's intervention. Actually the film is really a chance to see Kristen Stewart show some real acting for a change.

Welcome to the Rileys is rated R for strong sexual content, brief drug use and pervasive language involving a teenager. Like I said Kristen Stewart as you have never seen her before (The Runaways excepted).

FINAL ANALYSIS: Some great acting that's wasted on a weak storyline.

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A NEW sneak peek at the #EclipseDVD commentary featuring Kristen and Rob from Summit


NEW! Robsten Make out Video! - Isle Esme!

NEW Picture from the Vogue Photoshoot + the old ones now HQ and Untagged

                                                           Source: RobertPattinsonLife


Exclusive Twilight Eclipse Clip: Bella's Decision

Kristen Stewart discusses her character Bella's love dilemma choosing between Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) in Twilight Saga: Eclipse - DVD out 6th December!

Source: Instyle UK


Kristen Stewart the girl in the middle from Life Story Magazine Scans

These scans belong to Robsten Dreams. ((Thank You))


Kristen sets the beanie trend?

I dare say Rob was wearing these beanies before Kristen, but I'll give her the credit for setting a beanie trend this winter if you say so, shinystyle!

"With the snow continuing to fall, all we want to do is keep warm. Although we’re thankful for the Alpine and layering trends, one thing we’ve so far struggled with is the beanie.

This is more to do with the hat hair, rather than the style.

However, after seeing the likes of Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry donning these hats we’re warming to them a little bit more, after all, if they can wear them for most of the day so can we. ..."


Voted for by fans, Rob wins "Iconic Movie Actor" and Eclipse wins "Iconic Movie".


Sorry for the Delay Everyone! I had some technical difficulties.

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Tom Sturridge's 'Waiting For Forever' Has A Release Date

Waiting for Forever will be distributed by Freestyle Releasing on February 4, 2011. I attended a gala screening of the film at the 15th Annual Gen Art Film Festival in New York City and selected it as one of my Top Picks.

This quirky and original story features a brilliantly talented multi-generational cast including Tom Sturridge, Rachel Bilson, Blythe Danner, Richard Jenkins, Scott Mechlowicz, Nikki Blonsky, Jaime King, and Matthew Davis. Known primarily for his exhaustive acting c(red)its, director/producer James Keach steps behind the lens in this stunning tour-de-force.

Read more here