Saturday, December 4, 2010

MTV: The top 12 phrases from Robert and Kristen on the DVD commentary

We can all agree that Robert Pattinson is a rare type? That does not mean you do not love. It's just a freak, that's why we were so excited to hear the DVD commentary that the recorded Eclipse with co-star of the "Twilight Saga" Kristen Stewart. The two were not in the same city in fact they were in different countries: Kristen Rob in LA and Montreal, but a kind of conference call allowed the duo recorded the track of the comments together.

It is clear that the two are good friends, and they spent most of the movie in joking with each other and remembering the shooting.

Above all, however, we have no evidence to prove our theory "Rob is weird." Basically all the DVD commentary. What we saw earlier this week, the difficult things we do for you Crushers-and note the 12 most bizarre (and coincidentally the funniest) comments Robsten. Not surprisingly, most of them from Rob.

Scene: Xavier becomes a vampire.

Rob: Xavier would make a great burger ... it just drips and drips.

Kristen: Ew, that's so disgusting.

Rob: Ok, how can we be serious about this?

Scene: the first kiss in the meadow.

Rob: There are a lot of kissing in this movie. I noticed that when I was seeing, after a while, makes me feel uncomfortable.

Scene: Bella gets into his truck. Edward is waiting for her.

Bella (on film): "You scared me"

Rob (in the commentary): I was trying to (quietly) I thought you might like it (quietly) I'm Batman.

Scene: Bella goes to the house of the wolf pack.

Kristen: It is permissible to have other relationships.

Rob (angrily): Why? No, she is not allowed to have other relationships! If you ever see my girlfriend about these guys with their little shirts and all those abs out and fake tan in the nipples and tattoos ...

Kristen: Edward is a bit more mature than you.

Rob: Mature?

Kristen: Yes.

Rob: Nah.

Kristen: He can handle it.

Scene: Boo Boo Stewart on the screen.

Rob: (voice of Yogi Bear) Boo Boo Hey!

Scene: Scene of the lake.

Rob: Have you ever gone to the bottom of a pool and am looked up?

Kristen: Yeah ...

Rob: Very scary.

Kristen: I think it's really cool.

Rob: (singing softly) Doo Doo Dooooo.

Scene: Lost!

Rob: Look, your wig looks good there.

Kristen: No, it does not.

Rob: Looks like Anne Hathaway's hair.

Scene: Carlisle speaks to the group about the struggle with the neophytes.

Rob: Peter also uses his wig as cereal bowl ... sometimes has some, like Top Remen in her.

Scene: The shop.

Rob: God, he's so bold. A I really do not like Jacob. Look at your tattoo. Ugh.

Kristen: See the cradles, her little head stuck there.

Rob: It seems that these ordinances.

Scene: The fight.

Rob: This is the sequel, Kellan and wolf. That will be a magical relationship in the next.

Rob (later): the hole in my mouth, it looks very black.

Scene: Edward bites the head of Victoria.

Rob: Come, come! Mmmm, delicious. Caramelo.

Scene: The lawn, part two.

Rob: God works half the time Edward?

Kristen: It Matter?

Rob: Does not matter.


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