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Eclipse DVD Deleted Scene: Edward/Victoria!


IMDB's "Eclipse" makeover!

Are Rob & Kristen Hollywood’s Biggest Look-Alike Lovers?

The mad for plaid ‘Twilight’ twosome looks like they are always swapping clothes! Take a look and judge for yourself!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may not be renowned for their personal styles, but it is pretty remarkable just how similarly the two dress! Plaid shirts? Check. Black sneakers? Check. Hoodies, beanies and sunglasses? Check, check and check.


Eclipse DVD Extended scene "Bella, I envy you"!


'Eclipse' DVD Bonus Features: More Fight Training


NEW/OLD Picture of Robert at the Eclipse premiere!

Robsten Feelings / Kristen POV (Everytime we touch)

4 BEAUTIFUL Robsten wallpapers!








New Moon is the top film of pay TV in 2010

The Twilight franchise continues to break records. The film "New Moon" the second chapter of the saga, was the most watched pay TV in Brazil in 2010, according to Nielsen. The record was set in the premiere of the film Telecine Premium, which occurred on October 30. The canal opened the sign for non-subscribers during the viewing.

The detail is that "The Twilight Saga: New Moon was not only the most watched movie of the year in the Brazilian pay-TV. It was also the second. The encore was in its reprise in the telecine Popcorn, the next day. That is, the fans never tire of seeing actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison interpret the love story between the mortal Bella and vampire Edward.

Guess which was the record-breaking TV audience paid last year? Twilight, the first James Bond movie.
Source TwilightMania

Chris Martin of 'Coldplay' mentions Rob in interview w/Q mag

Coldplay have compared being asked to play 'Glastonbury' to Twilight actor Robert Pattinson inviting you to touch his balls.

The band, who last topped the bill at the festival in 2005, are one of a number of acts rumoured to be headlining the event in Somerset next June. But in an interview with Q magazine, singer Chris Martin played down the reports and said it “depends if we get asked”.

He added: “That’s like getting asked to dance by Robert Pattinson if you’re a young girl. Imagine if Robert Pattinson called and asked, 'Do you want to touch my balls?'.”

Source / Article / PattinsonLife

Breaking Dawn Details via PUNKD_Images

Official Breaking Dawn Logo!

Edward & Bella Wedding Bands!

Robsten in Bravo Magazine (Spain)

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“Water for Elephants” and “Bel Ami” Release Dates in Brazil

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People | 20 Best Celebrity Quotes of 2010 - "Kristen's pregnant"

"Kristen's pregnant."

– Robert Pattinson, still dodging questions about his relationship with Kristen Stewart by starting a rumor, on Oprah

People / Via: PattinsonStew
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Robsten Named as Instyle's Most Stylish Celebrity Couple!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

When it emerged that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were more than just an on-screen couple the world was hooked! Despite keeping details of their relationship under wraps, their ability to wow on the red carpet is undeniable! We love the contrast between Rob’s public-school boy style and Kristen’s laidback American approach to fashion. Even in this Yigal AzrouĆ«l embroidered taffeta dress Kristen opts for a pair of converse rather than heels – a playful look she has made her signature style.


Another Rob Pattinson TV Week Outtake!

Gossip Cop: Robert Pattinson Afraid of Hurting Kristen Stewart?

The National Enquirer reports, “Robert Pattinson, about to shoot steamy ‘Breaking Dawn’ honeymoon scenes with real-life honey Kristen Stewart in Brazil, started shaking, panicking and actually tearing up just before cameras rolled for the ultra-violent sex session where he nearly crushes his new bride with his superhuman vampire strength and leaves her badly battered and bruised.”


According to the tab, Pattinson pleaded, “Can’t we use body doubles? Kristen is so slight… I can’t stand the thought of hurting her!”

The Enquirer says Pattinson ultimately “shot the crucial scene [after] she assured him she was okay,” but later “freaked” when Stewart showed him “bruises” that makeup artists painted on her body.

“For an instant, Rob thought the bruises were real,” claims the mag, adding that he “started stammering, ‘Oh no, what have I done?… Baby, I’m so sorry!”

Stewart, says the Enquirer, then began to laugh as Pattinson was on the verge of melting down.

First, the mag’s article is a tad insulting to Pattinson. His alleged asking for “body doubles” and fear of “hurting her” basically implies he couldn’t act out the scene – which, of course, he did quite ably.

More importantly, this NEVER happened.

Sources on the set say Pattinson knew exactly what was called for in the scene, and executed it perfectly.
It’s also absurd to think that Pattinson wouldn’t know that Stewart was going to have makeup applied in an effort to give the appearance of bruises after the sex scene.

An on-set source tells Gossip Cop that the Enquirer’s entire premise is “patently false,” and that it’s about as real as Stewart’s “bruises” were.


New French Release Date for Water for Elephants

Allocine: “New French release for Water For Elephants! The movie will hit the theaters on April 20th instead of April 27th.”

In Belgium, the release date is still fixed for April, 27th for now

Source: Twilight-Belgium

Cover of Russian 'Eclipse' DVD

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jennifer Aniston wants to star with Robert Pattinson in the remake of The Graduate?

And the Jennifer Aniston rumors continue.....

The actress Jennifer Aniston wants to star opposite Robert Pattinson in the remake of 'The Graduate'. The former Friends star according to new reports, he is asking his staff a meeting with the star of Twilight.

Jennifer Aniston is a big fan of' The Graduate '. It's one of your favorite movies and would love to do a new version of it, "said a source dailystar.

'She is very excited at the prospect of partnering with Robert Pattinson.  She loves his melancholy look good and loves his English accent. "

Via- TwiBritneyFan

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UK's Total Film Magazine Talks about Rob!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to wish you all an amazing day and thank you all for giving me the opportunity to blog and talk to others who just like me, love Robert & Kristen. Remember, to be thankful for what you have, others might not be as lucky as you! Enjoy your day with those who you love the most!

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6 Beautiful Robsten Wallpapers!

These were not made by me, under each wallpaper there's the link to the person that made it!

edward and bella wallpaper


Robert & Kristen

Robert & Kristen






Eclipse Blu-Ray Menus !

What could become one of the best selling home video releases of all time is quietly inching closer to its December 4 release in the form of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

In anticipation of another round of Twilight mania before Breaking Dawn hits, Summit Entertainment has released a sneak peek from the upcoming Blu-ray Disc and DVD.
The sneak peek comes via the iTunes Facebook page and offers up a look at six of the disc's menus.

Take a look below for the main and special features menus; deleted and extended scenes; Edward or Jacob; music videos; and The Making of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, a six-part commentary. Click on any of the Twilight Eclipse menus below for a larger look, or pre-order Twilight Eclipse on Blu-ray or DVD for a discounted price at


OK! Magazine Poll: Rob Voted "Hunk You'd Most Like to Meet Under the Mistletoe"

Jennifer Aniston Wants to Date Robert Pattinson?

From showbizspy

ROBERT Pattinson has become the latest man to catch Jennifer Aniston’s eye!
Sources say the former Friends actress has developed something of a crush on the hunky British Twilight star.

“Jennifer is deadly serious about lining up a date with Rob, who she thinks is gorgeous and dreamy beyond belief,” an Aniston insider told a tabloid.

“He’s the perfect physical specimen and, on top of that, he’s humble and intelligent, which is Jen’s top two turns on in a guy above anything else.
“Jen’s a huge fan of the Twilight series and she’s watched all the movies more times than she or any of her friends can remember.
“Rob’s very much her dream guy and although he’s with Kristen Stewart, the fact is he’s not got a ring on his finger — so why shouldn’t she show interest in him?
“Jen’s a huge believer in following her instincts and she gets butterflies just thinking about Rob.”

This is all a RUMOR, you all know how the media can make something up out of nowhere, BUT if it's true, J.A piece of advice, don't go near ROBSTEN:)

Get Robert Pattinson's Remember Me For $5.99

As part of Black Friday offers Remember Me for $5.99. Just click this link to get the movie before it sells out. 83% of the deal is already gone!

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Bill Condon wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving + FEATHERS?

"Happy Thanksgiving and a crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours." - Bill Condon

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Harper's Bazaar Editor Eyes Kristen For a Solo Cover Next Year

Style Bistro In a recent article at Harper's Bazaar editor and full time judge on Bravo's "The Fashion Show", Laura Brown, was asked if there is a cover girl she's dying to get? (And why?) Here's what she had to say:

"We are lucky that we've had all the big girls on our covers at some time or another. I'd love to do a solo cover with Kristen Stewart sometime next year, though (we did her with Rob Pattinson last year). I think she's such a cool girl, and she's really growing into herself."

Read the rest HERE
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'Water for Elephants' UK Release Date - April 22, 2011

TotalFilm Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz have all been revealed in their period finery in a new shot from movie Water For Elephants.

Coming courtesy of Algonquin Books, the latest run of Sara Gruen’s novel features a new sleeve with snaps from the movie – which has given us our first sneaky glimpse at the stars of the film adap.

Most impressive is R-Pattz’s tamed mane, with not a hint of the Edward Cullens about him. Of course, Witherspoon’s going for gold with that wavy crop (there's definitely some Marilyn Monroe mixed in there), while Waltz is happy to sit and simmer with Oscar-winning gravitas.

Water For Elephants follows Pattz’s veterinary student, who looks after the animals of a travelling circus during the Great Depression. There, he meets Marlena (Witherspoon) and her twisted animated trainer husband August (Waltz).

I Am Legend helmer Francis Lawrence directs. The film opens on 22 April, 2011


Fanmade Video; Only You - Robsten // Robsten in Brazil!


EONLINE: Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Demanding More Sex Scenes?

Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart too hot for the teen screen?

A few reports have surfaced about how steamy Robsten's love scenes got down in Brazil, and while we dished to you a while ago the script does call for a bit more nudity than the previous flicks...
Sources at the studio tell us B.D. ain't gonna get an R rating.
"We will be aiming for a PG-13 rating," our source says, who has always emphasized this will be "key."

The way Bill Condon works is that he'd rather have more material than less—as we have stated before.

Bring on the sex! Bring on the nudity! Then he'll edit how he sees fit.

Rob Will NOT Be Attending Prince William's Wedding

Representatives of the Royal House denied the rumor that the Twilight heartthrob is the best man of Prince William of England. The fame of the actor does not deal.

Thousands of rumors begin to create the entertainment press about the preparations for the royal wedding of the eldest son of Princess Diana with the plebeian Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.

After the memory of the tragic death of Princess Diana, the expectation of returning to live a royal wedding brings joy to the people of England, but also generates the speculation and the creation of false stories about the bride and groom and their relationship with the royal family. One of them was the participation of Robert Pattinson at the ceremony.


* SIGHS* Rumors these days.....

4 ICONS of Rob's new outtakes!

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