Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kristen & Rob’s Harpers Bazaar Issue Was The Highest Selling Cover Of The Year

According to MagazineShelf (a twitter that always delivers accurate magazine cover&sales scoop)Kristen&Rob’s December 2009 issue was the hightest selling cover of the year for the magazine. We think that means it’s due time for another one. Don’t you? Let HB know how much you loved the shoot! Here

2 Fan Pictures of Kristen in Argentina!

Robert and Kristen - Empire Photoshoot HQ!

For the rest of the pictures click HERE

2 Pictures of a fan with Robert's wax figure!

“Little Ashes” to Debut Via Cable TV September 6th - Brazil

The movie Little Ashes will be broadcast at 2:25 am (early Sunday morning to Monday) on 06 September at the MAX and MAX Channel HD, HBO’s for those who have cable channels. The name on the program schedule is as “ash.”

Robert Pattinson Brazil

Kristen Stewart - GALA Magazine Scan

WOW. She looks STUNNING!
Love it

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Robert Pattinson behind the scenes of "HOW TO BE"

It's a total of 280 - CLICK HERE to see them ALL.

Edward and Bella Wax Figures!

Movieland Wax Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

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Picture of Kristen with a fan in Argentina!

Remember, the girl that said that she met Kristen...and that they talked for a while and everything? I posted it here, but we never had a picture...

But look :)

They both look beautiful!

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Edward Cullen's Teenage Dream - Parody


This is so funny!
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Rob Spotted at the Soho House Last Night!

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Randomly ran into Rob Pattinson at Soho House tonight- he remembered our Inception argument on Water for Elephants and bought us a beer.

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Rob Pattinson having a beer across from me at Soho House with some friends and his agent. He’s lookin pretty good

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Cosmopolitan Magazine "Kristen Grows Up!"

Friday, September 3, 2010

ClevverTV: Beaking Dawn Cast - Has Renesmee been found?


Eclipse coming back to Vancouver theatres for Bella's birthday.

VANCOUVER -- We’re guessing that only the most dedicated Twihards are aware that Bella Swan’s birthday falls on Sept. 13, but eOne entertainment is making sure everyone celebrates the momentous occasion: they’re re-releasing The Twilight Saga: Eclipse into theatres.

Yes, beginning Sept. 10, the Cullens won’t be the only ones throwing Bella a party – you, too, can wish her a happy birthday by going to see Eclipse for the umpteenth time.

That is, if you live in the right places. Take a look at which Canadian cities will bring Eclipse back into theatres.

St John’s, NFLD

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ENews! Can Robsten outlast Twilight?

Uploaded by officialspunkransom. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.

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MTV’s Jessi Cruickshank Tweets Seeing Rob at Restaurant Last Night


Dear twihards: Don’t hurt me, but I am currently having dinner across from Robert Pattinson. Really. Just choked on my gnocchi.

Angry Twihards: To clarify, I was not having dinner WITH R Patz. Just creepily staring while he ate next to me at Cafe Stella, Silver Lake.

Jessi Cruickshank is the host of MTVs The Hills, The City, and the Daily After Show. She is also a Canadian Ambassador for Free the Children.

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VIDEO: "Rob and Kristen best moments [robsten]"// How to save a life

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Chelsea Handler worries about facing all the celebrities she has offended at the VMAs. (Rob mentioned)

Chelsea Handler is a notorious offender. Offender of celebrities great -- Robert Pattinson -- and small -- Snooki. (And by small, we mean tiny in size, of course!) So what's she going to do when she hosts the 2010 MTV VMAs? Have a few vodka tonics and hope for the best? Go out there guns blazing? In her new VMA promos, she faces the music. And that music happens to be a seating chart of all of the VMA stars in the audience that night. And it's not looking good. Chelsea's offended them all. Except for one man. And that man is Kid Rock... Well, at least for now.

Kristen in NEW ORLEANS filming On The Road - September 2,2010

Your King and Queen of Summer 2010: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

And then there were two.

In the beginning we presented you with 32 of the summer's hottest celebrities, 16 men and 16 women, and put the task of crowing a King and a Queen of the hot season in your hands. The votes have been counted and the results are in.
So who in Hollywood truly had the best summer?
Your King and Queen of Summer 2010: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
(Wow. Original, you guys. Really original.)

Now, several factors helped propel each member of this duo into the top spots. Not only did they kinda come out as a couple this summer via a very grainy photo, they appeared in Eclipse, one of the year's biggest box-office hits. And they both were filming high profile "next step" movies, Water for Elephants and On the Road.
With those events supporting them, they each did away easily with their compettion to meet at the top.

In the final round, Robert Downey Jr.'s charms proved no match for Rob's. The veteran actor was sent packing after receiving only 31.3 percent of the vote to Pattinson's 68.7. Likewise, Kristen ended final challenger Katy Perry's Teenage Dream domination, grabbing 61.6 percent to Perry's 38.4.
Here's to the winners—and everybody else who gave it a shot.

Better luck in 2011, OK? Rob & Kristen don't have much going on next summer...


'Breaking Dawn' Filming In Baton Rouge: TV News Coverage