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Picture and Info: Robsten in IOW

From the woman who met them:

Yep they're over here alright. Got a picture with them both. He was lovely and very chilled…she was different. However I'm very happy that i got the opportunity to meet them both.

Some people say she's rude but i mean it was New Years eve so it was pretty intrusive of me to ask for a photo. I just didn't want to let a moment like that go if you know what i mean. I'm never going to see them again so asked and luckily they agreed to have a photo with me.


They were outside on the sea front with a group of friends. It was nice coz everyone was really chilled. Me and my friend spotted him. He was just chatting to his friends and Kristen went somewhere and when she came back she went to him and they were both chatting with a guy whilst having some drinks. They sparked up so i waited until afterwards to i could ask them for a photo. My friend went up and spoke to Kristen who seemed shocked. Probably because they seem to have grabbed no attention what-so-ever so a couple of overly grinning fans wasn't the first wish she had for New Year :S I took the photo and then asked if i could have one. Wished them a Happy New Year then went away very quickly, didn't want to annoy them any more than i had already.

thanks: pattinson-stewart
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Happy New Year from RobstenWorld!

We want to wish each one of you a Happy New Year! 2010 was full of great Robsten memories and we're so glad we got to spend it with you guys. We hope that this upcoming year is full of great things ! Have an amazing day and spend it with the loved ones!

Cheers to 2011 and to all the amazing Robsten moments that it will bring!
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen Character featured as one of's Top 12 Famous Characters and Their Cars

In the books, Edward Cullen drives a silver Volvo S60R. However, when it came time to make the films, Volvo had not produced the S60R, so a Volvo C30 was used in the first film and an XC60 in the following two. Fans of the Twilight saga are excited about the series and pay meticulous attention to detail , so it's important that the films are as faithful as possible to the books. That is why Volvo is in the unusual position of having its products in one of the most successful film productions of all time.

"The opportunity to participate in a production of this size is unique. Once Edward drives a Volvo in the books, our participation is both credible and logical, "says Oliver Engling, project manager of the campaign of Eclipse, the area of Communications for Global Development at Volvo Cars.
According to research Volvo's participation in the first film led to an increase in sales of the Volvo C30 in several countries, particularly in the U.S. market. After the release of New Moon, dealers reported increased interest in the Volvo XC60 and noted that consumers were going to showrooms to photograph their children in the car "Twilight."

- New Moon production, and the Volvo XC60, appear in the film the following vehicles: Buell XB 9S (bike), Chevrolet C-10 (old pickup), Honda Civic (sedan and coupe), Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz S-Class New Holland TN-Series (tractor), Nissan Sentra, and Porsche 911 Turbo Yamaha TW 200 (bike).
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VIDEO: Best Robsten Moments

Robsten voted Buzsugar's Best Dramatic Actor & Actress of 2010


Eclipse may have been outshined by Harry Potter, but you still gave plenty of love to its stars. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart earned matching awards for best dramatic actor and best dramatic actress of 2010, respectively.

The 2010 E! Online Celeb of the Year?! Robert Pattinson!

Wow, you guys, it's incredible to realize we've reached the peak of our Celeb of the Year tournament.

This competition was not for the faint of heart. We started off with 99 of the year's biggest celebs and put the task of naming a champion in your hands. In the end, the final matchup was the most agonizing and also one of the closest: Who would walk away with the title? Would it be Robert Pattinson or would it be Kristen Stewart? The votes are in.

So who is your 2010 Celeb of the Year?

The race was close right up to the end, but ultimately Pattinson's 6,430 votes (51.5 percent) won out over Stewart's 6,063 votes (48.5 percent). Could this be considered an upset?

While both actors shared in the success of this summer's third Twilight installment, Eclipse, which brought in more than $300 million at the box office, it seemed Stewart had the more noteworthy year, career-wise. Her two other films, The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys, both earned the actress solid critical and audience acclaim, further establishing her as more than just Bella Swan. Pattinson's other film, Remember Me, on the other hand...Well, critics and audiences had other thoughts on that one.

But the people have spoken and here's to the winner and everyone else who fought for the top spot! (Keep it up, Betty White!) Better luck in 2011.


ROB in WFE * More Stills

Sources: Debcupti -  Via: pattinsonlife - 
      Via Source: Bellas Diary

Breaking Dawn to resume filming on Monday, Jan. 3rd 2011

                          Source: The Irish Twilight Sisters

Looks like the twi-cast are back to work next week to film the battle-scene.

Scans of Rob and Kristen in Honduras Newspaper

Source: Twilightish

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

GIFS from the NEW Water For Elephants trailer!

Click HERE for more.

Insider: Bella and Edward Die in Added 'Breaking Dawn' Scene


SPOILER ALERT – An insider who claims to have read the script for Breaking Dawn is telling all about the gruesome next-to-last scene that leaves both Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) dead in a brawl with the vampire world's governing body, the Volturi.

In the film as in the book, one of the climactic final scenes occurs when the Volturi confront the Cullens about (SPOILER) having born a half human/half vampire baby, Renesmee. The characters in the book talk their way to a happy ending, but in the movie, it reportedly goes something like this:

Alice touches that head [Volturi] guy. When she touches the [Volturi] guy he ’sees’ what will happen if he continues his course. So, the first person whose head comes off is Carlisle. In the vision. Then everything goes to sh-t and all kinds of dying happens. And Bella and Edward kill Aro. Bella and Edward, they die too. All these other people die, too. Jane and her brother. Lots of deaths on both sides. Then the [Volturi] guy snaps out of it, says he’s sorry. Everybody makes up and lives happily ever after.

The blood bath is merely a violent vision put in Aro's (Michael Sheen) head by Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) of what would transpire if he didn't make peace. This added scene, if true, injects action into the closing of minutes of the four film saga that was without a unsuspected conclusion

The NEW Water For Elephants trailer in HD and no subtitles!


VIDEO: R/K || "We can't hide from love any longer "

Marc Malkin of E! News talks about the best moments of 2010 (Robsten Mentioned)

Kristen Stewart named Best Multiple-Movie Performance, Female of 2010 by NextMovie.

FTW: Kristen Stewart
The Runaways

Welcome to the Rileys

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Newsflash to the world:
Kristen Stewart is not just Bella anymore!!
Sure, that’s something that most Twi-Hards actually knew already, but the rest of the universe seemed to have missed the memo. Until this year, that is, when K-Stew blew away audiences and critics in the indie rock epic “The Runaways” and the intense family drama “Welcome to the Rileys.” Add yet another appearance as Bella and you have the makings of an actress that is going to be with us for decades to come — sparkly vampires or not.
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HollywoodCrush thinks Robsten Should get engaded next...

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth. Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. Ginnifer Goodwin and Joey Kurn. Even Hugh Hefner got engaged over Christmas weekend. We appreciate all this love in the air after that depressing streak of splits, but we didn't know Hollywood was so affected by the holiday spirit!

Let's keep this passion alive! More and more celebs are looking to make their way down the aisle with each passing day, so we've compiled our wish list of Hollywood couples we hope pop the question after the jump. Who knows, maybe one of our wishes will come true?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Did you really think we'd leave these two off our list? Rob and Kristen's whole relationship has been a big case of life imitating art, and, well, Bella and Edward get married in "Breaking Dawn." Enough said.

What two celebrities do you hope tie the knot next?

Robert Pattinson Is Popsugar's Sexiest Man Of 2010

Popsugar readers picked Robert Pattinson as their Sexiest Man of 2010 closely followed by Goz's other squeeze, Mr Alexander Skarsgård

Sexiest Man: Robert Pattinson

The playing field wasn't quite as even for sexiest male, as Robert Pattinson easily earned another win. His closest competition was Alexander Skarsgard.

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"Breaking Dawn" Script Details! *SPOILERS*

A non-Twilight fan who claims to have seen the script for Breaking Dawn describes a scene that is sure to be a favorite of all her fellow non-fans. She describes a scene where Ashley Greene’s Alice puts a frightful vision inside the mind of Volturi leader Aro, played by Michael Sheen:

Alice touches that head [Volturi] guy…when she touches the [Volturi] guy he “sees” what will happen if he continues his course…OK so the first person whose head comes off is Carlisle. In the vision. Then everything goes to sh-t and all kinds of dying happens. And Bella and Edward kill Aro…After Bella and Edward they die too…all these other people die too. Jane and her brother. Lots of deaths on both sides. Then [Volturi] guy snaps out of it, says he’s sorry. Everybody makes up and lives happily ever after.This provides a more dynamic reason for why the Volturi call off their attack on the Cullens than in the original book, which is pretty much just a lot of people talking to each other.


NEW! Pictures of Rob on the set of WFE

Tweets: Kristen in London with Rob?

Even with the Weather, Kristen Stewart Allegedly Managed to Make it to London to Spend with Rob for the Remainder of the Holidays?

According to @cybermelli,

that reunion …….. ✔ happened. so ninja. 10 hours ago

@baby_do it’s not friends in london or lucky guessing. sadly, i can’t say more than that.4 hours ago

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MSN Brazil’s 2010 Top Photos in Retrospect (“Breaking Dawn” Filming)

They arrived and left without speaking to anyone. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson came to Brazil to shoot scenes from the movie “Dawn”, the last part of “Twilight. ” The couple taped in the Lapa and was caught in bathing suits and smoking during the recording interval in Paraty.

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Moviefone – What Films Were the Most Successful ?

Variety notes that ‘The Blind Side,’ which earned only about 1/3 of what ‘Avatar’ did in domestic box office, ended up the #1 title on Comcast’s “top-performing” list, with ‘Couples Retreat,’ ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon,’ ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ and ‘The Hurt Locker’ rounding out the top five. In their statement, Comcast pushes the party line: “Movies available the same day as DVD release are consistently among the top-performing content On Demand,” and Variety agrees, pointing out that ‘Avatar’ was the only on demand title not available day-and-date with the DVD. Yet there’s also some indication that audiences favor video on demand services to catch up with titles that they missed in theaters.

According to Moviefone, New Moon was the third biggest VOD (video on demand) film for 2010. Comcast, one of the nation’s largest VOD companies traced the surprising results.

1. The Blind Side

2. Couples Retreat

3. Twilight Saga: New Moon

4. Hot Tub Time Machine

5. The Hurt Locker

6. It’s Complicated

7. Shutter Island

8. Date Night

9. The Book of Eli

10. Avatar


Rob’s Wax Figure Makes MTV Buzzworthy’s Best Celebrity Wax Figures of 2010

VIDEO: Robsten in 2010! All the amazing moments in ONE video.

Stay tune because we will be posting videos like this throughout the week!

This video was made by LIBENET

If you've seen a video with Robsten's best moments in 2010  that you would like others to see email us at

Official Press Release: Kristen Will Be Attending The Peoples Choice Awards


A star-studded selection of talent from film, TV and music including Malin Akerman, Julie Bowen, Michael Chiklis, Miranda Cosgrove, Kaley Cuoco, Taye Diggs, Lisa Edelstein, Zac Efron, Neil Patrick Harris, Teri Hatcher, the Kardashians, Minka Kelly, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Laurie, Taylor Lautner, Zachary Levi, AnnaLynne McCord, Leighton Meester, Stephen Moyer, Conan O'Brien, Jerry O'Connell, Jim Parsons, Pauley Perrette, Katy Perry, Natalie Portman, Emma Roberts, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift and Kate Walsh are scheduled to attend the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS 2011, to be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, Wednesday, Jan. 5 (9:00-11:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Diddy-Dirty Money will perform a single from their latest album "Last Train To Paris." Kid Rock will perform a single from his just released critically acclaimed album, "Born Free," which was produced by Rick Rubin.

Source: CBS
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Who's the 2010 Celeb of the Year? Vote Rob and Kristen in Round 6!

Have you recovered from round 5 of our Celeb of the Year tournament? It was pretty intense. You'll remember we opened things up to those celebs you'd like to see get a second chance against our final four.

Now, after reentering your top choices, Miley Cyrus, Lea Michele, Justin Bieber and Alexander Skarsgård, the dust has settled and the top four are here!So how did the newcomers do against Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson?

Not that well, to be honest.

Each member of the new foursome brought in a respectable number of votes, but they just couldn't take down the competition.

Here's how it broke down:

Perry dominated with 8,132 votes (70 percent), sending Cyrus and her 3,465 votes (30 percent) packing. Michele came closer, but her 5,090 votes (42 percent) just couldn't bump Watson (7,023 votes, 58 percent) from the competition.

Same for Bieber. Despite a strong call for the teen star's reentry, his 4,088 votes (33 percent) were no match for Stewart's 8,500 (67 percent). And last but not least, Skarsgård, though a favorite in the wild card round, just couldn't bring down Pattinson: The True Blood star's 4,199 votes (34 percent) weren't enough against R.Pattz's 8,328 (66 percent).

And so we present your Final Four. Which celeb has what it takes to be crowned Celeb of the Year? Can Perry's musical success land her the top spot? Can Watson ride the Harry Potter wave to victory? Can either of them defeat the force that is Robsten?

Thanks to @Twilightish

NEW! Robert Outtakes!


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Eclipse Soundtrack is #7 on "sounding off" top soundtracks and scores of 2010!

From scores to soundtracks, this year really did deliver from the fine-tuning of classical orchestrations to completely reinventing them to introducing new artists to reacquainting us with well-known ones. Some have become old friends, some continue to impress, and at the end of it all there is one word that seems to sum up music for film in 2010: electric....

Kristen On The Cover Of Elle makes The Top 30 Magazine Covers 2010

Fandango – Ten Highest Grossing Movies of 2010

As everyone slowly digs out from under their mountain of Christmas gifts (and for you folks on the East Coast, a mountain of snow), it’s time to give old 2010 a pat on the back and send her on her way as 2011 makes its way in. But before 2010 finds its comfy little spot in the history books, let’s take a look back at the year that was in movies.

First up are the ten highest grossing films of 2010. Most interesting about this list (to me, at least) is that in all likelihood not one of these films will win the Best Picture Oscar (except for Toy Story 3, which is still a long shot), and only two of them will probably end up with a Best Picture nomination. Does that mean the Academy is nominating the wrong films, or is just that quantity (in this case, box office dollars) does not always equal quality?

Check out the top ten below and let us know whether these films even deserved to be on a list like this. Also, which one of the top ten highest grossing films of 2010 is your favorite?

1.) Toy Story 3 ($415M)

2.) Alice in Wonderland ($334.2M)

3.) Iron Man 2 ($312.1M)

4.) Eclipse ($300.5M)

5.) Inception ($292.5M)

6.) Deathly Hallows Part 1 ($259.2M)

7.) Despicable Me ($250.3.7M)

8.) Shrek Forever After ($238.4M)

9.) How to Train Your Dragon ($217.6M)

10.) The Karate Kid ($176.6M)

Fandango. spunk-ransom

Robert makes @MTV Style Best Of 2010 Red Carpet Stunners

ROBERT PATTINSON: Our favorite leading ladies weren't the only ones to grab our attention on the red carpet this year. Heartthrob Robert Pattinson rocked a maroon Gucci suit for the premiere of Twilight Saga: Eclipse on June 24 in Los Angeles. It suited (pun intended) the actor perfectly, and the thin gray tie added a sexy finish
MTV Style  pattinsonstew

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart are MTV's Couple of the Year 2010.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have made enough headlines and heads turn this past year, it’s no wonder MTV named them Couple of the Year 2010.

That’s right, Robsten made the top of the list!
MTV has compiled a list of their favorite couples from 2010 and of course, Twilight’s favourite couple was the biggest obsession this year by far.

Why Robsten you ask? The secrecy surrounding their relationship simply made them more fascinating, said MTV. “Are they or aren’t they” is the question that has kept fans guessing all year.

“They may refuse to talk about it, but 2010 seemed to confirm long-simmering suspicions that RPatz and KStew had taken their onscreen love affair offscreen, thanks to a number of high-profile sightings over the course of the year.”

Read more : HERE