Saturday, May 22, 2010

NEW! Eclipse trading cards!

Here is a glimpse at the new Eclipse Trading Cards. I dont know about you guys but i adore all the Edward and Bella ones , so i had to post them first. I will be updating and adding the other ones little by little. Click on the small images to make them larger>

What do you guys think? You like them?

Here's a link with some of the cards cropped out and zoomed in , so you guys could take a better look at them. Click Here.


Reminder to VOTE for Robsten in numerous site!

Robert and Taylor are facing each other in a poll by  OceanUp to see which "People Magazine : Twilight Special" the fans will buy. Vote for Robert!

New Moon , Robert and Kristen are nominated in numerous categories for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Here's a reminder to everyone that voting will close the day BEFORE the awards and the category for "Best Movie" won't be closed until the award is given on June 6.  There is NO voting limit  , so vote as many times as you can.

Friday, May 21, 2010


You might know me as RobstenWorld from twitter, i decided that it would be a great idea to have both the twitter account and a blog. I said several times that there were going to be small chances of creating a blog but, truth is that i LOVE writing and im going to be on vacation at the end of May for several months and though that i should give this a try. I please ask you to give me some feedback , like that i know if i should continue the blog or not.

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