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Breaking Dawn Director Bill Condon Sends a Message to the Fans

Hello fans!

Has it really been five months (and a day) since my last dispatch? In my defense, they’ve been five months spent immersed in the world of TWILIGHT – something I’m sure you can all appreciate. We’re in the thick of pre-production now, juggling everything from casting to storyboarding to location scouting, getting it all ready to go, but I do want to take a moment to announce to you exclusively a few of the amazing production team members who are hard at work alongside me, bringing these movies to life. I hope you’ll be as excited about them as I am:

Guillermo Navarro, who won an Academy Award for the beautiful PAN’S LABYRINTH, is our cinematographer. Guillermo and I have been painstakingly planning each shot, with a team of very talented storyboard artists.

Michael Wilkinson, our costume designer, is bringing his brilliant vision to the styles of all your favorite characters. Michael’s created fantastic looks for 300, WATCHMEN, and the upcoming TRON: LEGACY – just wait ’til you see his take on the vampire witnesses who come to Forks from around the globe.

Jean Black, our makeup designer, has worked extensively with the Coen Brothers and David Fincher, most recently making exquisite, award-winning contributions to THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. I’m honored to be working with her.

Richard Sherman, with whom I made GODS AND MONSTERS and KINSEY, is on-board as our production designer. Richard’s one of my oldest collaborators and a terrific designer, and you may be interested to know that he also happens to be a lifelong vampire aficionado.

Our Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor John Bruno has been responsible for some of the most memorable special effects ever, with his groundbreaking work on display in everything from POLTERGEIST to AVATAR. He and his team are working intensely to develop solutions to the host of special effects challenges that Stephenie created for us in BREAKING DAWN, including that remarkable kid…

Wonderful, imaginative people all and very exciting, intense times for us. Even with the months of work we’ve already put in, we’re barely underway on the journey, and I do hope to get back to you much sooner next time with more news. Until then, thanks for your warm reception and continued support!

Very best regards,


Via - Twilight Facebook Page

Brits Vote Rob Pattinson Best Dressed—Good Call?

U.K. edition of Glamour has just named Robert Pattinson the most stylish British dude, based on a recent poll. The Brits are feeling his leather-jacket wearing, blue-jean sporting, and Ray-Ban stunning style, more so than any other hunk across the sea.
But guess which one of his trendy leading lady costars topped Glamour's best-dressed female list?

TWITTER: Follow @theawfultruth and @ivanadukanovic
Harry Potter's Emma Watson landed in first place, fighting off the likes of spice girl-turned-designer Victoria Beckham, who came in second. How could they not vote Em No. 1? The wonderful wizard's a Burberry model for Brit's sakes.

But did your Twi-hearts just stop for a sec? First Emma and Kristen were supposedly (and wrongly) feuding over R.Pattz and now Kristen was beat out by the wiz for fab fashion sense?!

Well no duh! Pattinson's real-life leading lady Kristen Stewart doesn't qualify! Wrong accent, wrong address, see? So quit you're bitchin'! We're totally feeling the Glamour picks.
Are you?

MTV wants you to describe Rob's beard!

Robert Pattinson was spotted recently sporting an epically untamed, Joaquin Phoenix-like beard. We're not sure of its purpose—the world's worst disguise (nothing could mask those telltale pretty peepers!), practicing his Brad Pitt impression—but needless to say, we are unimpressed.

Why mar your baby face with a bushy beard, RPattz? Nothing should hide that perfect, strong jawline. It looks out of place on you, too. It's like the makeup department of your latest film got a little crazy in the trailer one morning and spirit gummed a whole bunch of facial hair on your cheeks.

Click here to cast your vote!


EntertainmentWise ; Robert's favorite things!

We all know Robert Pattinson loves himself some Kristen Stewart but what else can’t the Twilight heartthrob do without?

Here’s ten things that make Rob smile (or cry in the case of numbers 2 and 7)!

1. Simon Cowell
“It would be one of the best things ever to get paid for handing out Simon Cowell-style insults for the day. I don’t think he’s rude, I think he’s just painfully honest, which is what makes him so good. He must absolutely love his job, it can’t be one you’d ever get bored with.”

2. His Dog Patty

"I had this incredible dog which I talked about in this interview the other day and I said the dog was the most important person in my life and my family went crazy at me for saying it. It (his death) was one of the most defining moments of my life; it was the worst day of my life having the dog die."

3. Playing Edward Cullen
“Well, you can kiss Kristen Stewart. You can drive a Volvo. You can hold yourself back from killing people, which is always handy. Five reasons? You have a great peacoat, and you never have a hair out of place.”
Read more here via Twilightish

Amy Adams Talks about Kristen

Amy Adams was very popular recently with the young people in her life.
You see, she recently spent four days in New Orleans shooting On the Road with Twilight star Kristen Stewart…
"I got requests for autographs, and I didn't ask for a single one," Adams told me yesterday at Variety's Power of Women luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where she was honored for her work with the Bronx-based Ghetto Film School.

Adams may be a 36-year-old two-time Academy Award-nominee and mother of one, but when it comes to teen, she said, "I guess I'm getting to the point in my life where I'm suspicious of teenagers and I'm intimidated a little bit."

Read more here


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Vote for Rob & “Water for Elephants” for the Total Film Awards

‘Panic Room' #2 on IGN Entertainment's "Top 10 Movies Based In One Location"

For filmmakers, the movie set entirely in one location is the ultimate challenge; the appeal of these films isn't the characters or even the story, but exactly how such a simple premise can be spun out to feature length.

Panic Room (2002)

Unsurprisingly set in a hi-tech panic room (if there wasn't a room and at least a little panic, we'd be on the phone to Trading Standards), this is David Fincher flexing his muscles: he didn't need to make this movie, but wanted to show he could anyway.

Jodie Foster and a young Kristen Stewart are the mother and daughter holed up in an expensive, oversized coffin, while Forest Whitaker and his cronies attempt to infiltrate the impenetrable.

Fincher, meanwhile, swings his camera up and down stairs, in and out of air vents, and at one point, through the handle of a coffee pot for absolutely no reason. Pfffft. Show off.

Read more : HERE

New/Old pic: Robsten with fans on 'Twilight' set

They look sooooo cute!

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E! News’ Ted Casablanca – Kristen Chills in L.A. Heat, While Rob Flies Home

While Robert Pattinson made his way back from London to LAX last night, Kristen Stewart may have already been back in Los Angeles braving the heat like only a real cool chick could do.

After finishing up duties for On the Road in Arizona, K.Stew was spotted at Peet’s Coffee yesterday in Studio City by a reliable star-hanger who “swears” it was the fab chick. K-doll wore a black tee, black jeans, flip flops, no makeup and no sunglasses.

God love this girl! No shades? Hollywood take note, this is the real attitude of a star:
TWITTER: Follow @theawfultruth

Our spy was standing behind the tiny babe in line where she ordered a large ice tea to go by herself. As soon as our source got to the counter he looked at the dude behind it and said, “You know who that was, don’t you?”

“Who?” replied the guy who took Stewart’s order.

“The girl from Twilight.”

“I don’t go for that vampire crap,” said the guy, rather matter-of-factly.

In fact we’re told “no one” recognized Kristen, or at least, no one went up and harassed her.

Too funny!

People all over the world are dying for a glimpse of K.Stew and here’s a guy who spent some time chatting with her and had no friggin’ clue who she was. No wonder K. likes it in the Valley so much.

After she got her tea, Kristen casually walked out of the coffee shop and hopped into a “very retro” white convertible and drove (herself) off.

Hopefully she was getting her and Rob’s secret spot ready, since he got back in town from London last night with Tom Sturridge.

So, sorry, despite a few reports out there Kristen was not on the same flight as Rob and Tom. Girlfriend was already back here waiting for her man to return. Loves!

Source Via Spunk_Ransom

Breaking Dawn to start filming in Brazil!!

According to Gather.Com: 'Twilight Breaking Dawn' is said to begin filming its final movie for the Twilight Saga in Brazil. Breaking Dawn will once again star Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart in the leading roles of Bella and Edward.

There have been security concerns about filming in South America. "However, 23-year-old Greene who plays 'Alice' in the films told MTV News that shooting will now go ahead and that Brazil will be used as the location for the protagonists wedding celebrations, saying, 'They are filming a few days there, but I'm not there. It's Bella and Edward's honeymoon,'' according to Contact Music.

"Breaking Dawn" is being made into two movies from the small novella. The first of the two movies will be released in the fall of 2011, and the second and final movie is to be released in November 2012.

So the vampire craze will go on for two more years at least. The security concerns for the making the movie in Brazil is all the secrecy behind Bella's wedding to Edward. How will they keep the honeymoon secret from the paparazzi? Actually, we hope they won't. Any leaked scenes or gossip will be fun to report because the Fall of 2011 is just too far away for true "Twilight" fans.

Robert Pattinson: Glamour UK's “Best Dressed Man 2010″

THE WINNER: Robert Pattinson

His Style: Tartan lumberjack shirts and jeans when out and about, drool-inducing tailored suits and skinny ties when on the red carpet. Robert Pattinson is certainly the crush of the moment but now he can now add Britain’s Most Stylish Man to his long list of accolades.

Please visit Glamour UK to see who else made the list.
Via Twilightish

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn & Eclipse make list of top ten books left behind in hotel rooms

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn & Eclipse have both made it onto the list of top ten books that get left behind in hotel rooms.

The Twilight Saga novels – written by Stephenie Meyer – ranked in at number six and number eight in the research conducted by a budget hotel chain.

Here’s the full list of top ten reads left behind in Travelodge hotels over the last year:

1. Simon Cowell: The Unauthorised Biography by Chas Newkey-Burden

2. Ooh! What a lovely Pair by Ant & Dec

3.The Storm: The World Economic Crisis and What it Means by Vince Cable

4. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsoon

6. Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga) by Stephenie Meyer

7. The Girl Who Played with Fire by Steig Larsson

8. Eclipse ( The Twilight Saga) by Stephenie Meyer

9.The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest by Steig Larsson

10. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

1. They have finished reading the book and rather than carrying it back home they have left it for someone else to read. Aw, sharing the Edward Cullen love!

2. They have genuinely left the book behind because it was hidden in the bed covers or fallen out of bed. Crushing for those who can’t wait to find out what happens in the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle.

3. They got bored reading the book and decided to leave it behind in the hotel room rather than carrying it around with them (Obviously they’re not talking about Twilight here).

“Bel Ami” to Be Shown at Berlin Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival?

According to @NordicNina,

News from sweden distri scanbox. BelA in postprod until nov, plans to show the film in Berlin Filmfest in feb or Cannes in may!

The news is from Swedish movie distribution company Scanbox Entertainment. “Bel Ami” will be in post production until November. Then, allegedly, there are plans to show “Bel Ami” at the Berlin Film Festival in February and the The Cannes Film Festival in May!

The Berlin Film Festival is still accepting entries so no official schedule has been posted. November 1st is the deadline.

Robert Pattinson, Stephenie Meyer and Kristen Stewart SAVE The Day and Bring World Peace?

Can Robert Pattinson, Stephenie Meyer and Kristen Stewart bring peace to the world? Maybe not but this parody brought peace (and a little bit of pee) to moi!

Enjoy! From :

Al-Qaeda Calls Off Attack On Nation's Capitol To Spare Life Of 'Twilight' Author

Pictures of Rob arriving at LAX

Thanks to @Robstenation and @RKdaily for the heads up ~
All the pictures will be added later on today. This are just three of them.

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Video: 3 Reasons Mackenzie Foy Fits the Role of Renesmee


'Welcome to the Rileys' one of the hottest films to watch before Thanksgiving.

The New York Observer has put together a list of the hottest films to watch before Thanksgiving, and not to be missed is Welcome to the Rileys.

Welcome to the Rileys, Oct. 29, Sony It's going to be interesting to see what will happen with Welcome to the Riley's, a small movie starring two people of great interest to very different audiences. Kristen Stewart, patron saint of the skinny and faux-awkward riding the L train, plays an underage stripper/prostitute (who will also surely be skinny and awkward) who becomes the personal project of a businessman, played by James Gandolfini. It's a toss-up which is harder for audiences to divorce themselves from, Gandolfini's Tony Soprano or Stewart's Twilight heroine.

The good news is that this film also stars the magnificent Melissa Leo (Frozen River), and was written by Ken Hixon (Inventing the Abbots); it was directed by Jake Scott (son of Ridley). We're a little concerned to hear what we think might be a Southern accent coming out of Mr. Gandolfini (who last did this in the disastrous remake of All the King's Men), but we're holding out hope.


"Remember Me” Hits the $10M Milestone Mark in US DVD Sales

New/Old screencaps of Robert Pattinson at Comic Con '08

OMG , The second one is just sexy.
Oh my Robert!

Source  ROBsessed

Kellan lutz dishes some Breaking Dawn details!


"We start sometime in October and go all the way through to late April," Kellan Lutz says. "I just did a [wardrobe fitting] and a contact lenses test."
(Regarding the birth)

"I love the way that they're showing it," he said. "I really thought that was going to be really a tough thing to show"

Sara Gruen "Water For Elephants" Author Talks About Robert Pattinson, Rosie & Being On Set

Sara Gruen "Water For Elephants" Author Talks About Robert Pattinson, Rosie & Being On Set

RobpattzNews was lucky enough to be there when author Sara Gruen made a stop in Seattle Monday as part of the promo tour for her latest novel Ape House. Even though she was there to promote her new book of course she got asked about "Water For Elephants".

Here's where she spoke about Rob


After the Q&A ended RobPattzNews got a chance to chat with Sara, and asked her to describe in one word her experience of working with Rob and the cast of Water for Elephants.

Her answer: "The whole experience was surreal.. surreal."

To see the rest of the vids head over to RobPattzNews


‘Breaking Dawn’ castings: Maggie Grace vamps it up, Renesmee found!

As we reported yesterday, Lost's Maggie Grace has joined The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as Denali coven vampire Irina, and newcomer Mackenzie Foy, a nine-year-old model/actress, is thisclose to signing on as Renesmee, Edward and Bella's child. Grace is an interesting choice. She's already a polarizing presence, thanks to her best-known role as the spoiled Shannon on Lost, so it'll be easy to dislike her when she goes to the Volturi and tells them that Bella and Edward have created an "immortal child," which is a no-no. But because it's so easy to turn on her, it's all the more effective when she softens and is apologetic, which will work well when she pays the ultimate price for giving the Volturi false information.

As for Foy, she really does look like the child Robert Pattinson joked Kristen Stewart was carrying when Oprah Winfrey asked them if they were an off-screen couple. Renesmee is a bit of disturbing character, and there's something naturally unsettling about young models. I think it's because we like to think of children as innocent and uncalculating, but watching them pose for a camera, turning off or turning on their emotions, you realize what manipulation they're capable of.

Source ; Entertainment Weekly
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Rob & Kristen's Harper's Bazaar Voted 'Best Vampire' Cover!

The cover was chosen by The American Society of Magazine Editors as the "Best Vampire Cover" Voting was online on @ amazon!

December, 2009

Why Was This Cover Nominated?

People of all ages sunk their teeth into the Twilight saga. At the forefront of the vampire phenomenon were Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who graced our December subscriber cover in a rare shot together. Harper's Bazaar was the only monthly magazine to feature the couple on a cover. While the epic image played on the idea of courtship, it was given extra heat due to their real-life romance.



RPattz on Sugarcape's 'Top 50 Hottest Lads of 2010'

Robert came in as #12 :)

'Welcome to the Rileys' Soundtrack Cover.

Rob is Glamour's "Best Dressed Brit 2010"

THE WINNER: Robert Pattinson

His Style: Tartan lumberjack shirts and jeans when out and about, drool-inducing tailored suits and skinny ties when on the red carpet. Robert Pattinson is certainly the crush of the moment but now he can now add Britain’s Most Stylish Man to his long list of accolades.

Glamour UK

Sunday, September 26, 2010

PICTURES: Breaking Dawn Set Update ~ Bella's house under construction


Today is Saturday September 25th. A couple of weeks ago see post & story here, I was passing by the empty lot of Keery Park in South Surrey. At the time I spotted the locations manager from New Moon and Eclipse, Abraham Fraser and a couple of other people. I was on a Movie Locations Backwards Tour and we asked the group when they will be returning to the Park to build Bella’s House. The group of men replied “in January” and I reported January but I was also very skeptical with their answer.

There were too many new developments and I was finding out a lot of great information about filming of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver over the winter and not the spring like everyone thinks.

Production Weekly had reported Breaking Dawn opened their production offices at North Shore studios in early September and I had confirmed that with a visit to the Studio Lot.

I thought it was pretty early to open production offices if they were not planning on returning to Vancouver until January or February of 2011.

Summit and the production company staff is notorious for not always being straight forward with fans or some individuals. In fact, I am currently seeking out an employee who said he was in charge of Security for New Moon. It seems there is a slight problem with some mistaken identity and I am eager to clear it up with a simple meeting. I want to meet him and set the record straight. He had said some things to some people that didn’t happen and it is a case of mistaken identity that is causing me some grief.

Sorry, I digress but the fans seem to be hungry for news and Summit releases information a couple of months after the fans have uncovered new facts.

It has been confirmed Breaking Dawn will be filmed in two parts, We know there is a studio near Baton Rouge that will house the Cullen House and the interior shots. The latest internet news is from Nikki Reed. Miss Reed stated in a Q&A to recently that Summit and the production company will be filming some of the “Honey Moon” scenes in South America but didn’t say exactly where.

“They are filming a few days [in South America], but I’m not there,” the 22-year-old actress confirmed to (HL) exclusively at the LA premiere of her new film, Last Day of Summer, Sept. 22. “It’s Bella and Edward’s honeymoon.”

You can read the Twilight blog post here.

Fans of the Twilght Saga Breaking Dawn know they will be looking for Esme Island complete with a beautiful house, a beach and a long dock for the speed boat.

I also reported production is slated to begin November 1, 2010. Part one should take three months and part two will be another three months. Both parts directed by Bill Condon. Other sources have comfirmed they will be filming in Vancouver between February and March 2011. There are two set visit prize packages that offered flight, hotel accommodation and a set visit to Breaking Dawn. (See blog post on September 9th)

My sources informed me they will not be filming at Jacob Black’s house until spring of 2011 but that can change.

I drove by Keery Park today and they are building Bella’s House.

Production will only build Bella’s house if they are planning to shoot exterior shots and do not like to leave the house erected for long periods of time. The house is a shell and not made to withstand Canadian winters.

The house takes a couple of weeks to build. It is close to the end of September right now and I understand all the cast is set to meet mid October for pre-production in New Orleans.

I predict the cast will return to Vancouver as early as late October and early November to complete some exterior work including work at Bella’s house. They will probably return to the locations along Quarry Road and Capilano Park.

There is a guard at the park. The lower driveway into the basement is under construction. The landscaping is underway and the house is on location covered by blue tarp. The curb is complete and the hedging is in. The three trees in front and Jacob’s tree on the side have yet to be planted so to speak.

I will visit the site and post the progress. I will try to keep everyone up to date with new developments with the filming of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver. If you have any tips or leads, please drop me an email at

It looks like I will be amending my Movie Location Tours again to include this location.

Rob in Hungary Cosmo ~ October Issue