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Eclipse has a BIG WEEKEND.

Updated estimates give Eclipse a $28.6 million Friday for a cumulative $121.3 million in its first three days of release.
For the standard, three-day weekend (Friday through Sunday), the film is projected to earn $80.2 million. Including Monday, the four-day holiday weekend is expected to gross $106.1 million.
Friday’s top 3 was rounded out by The Last Airbender (approx. $16 million) and Toy Story 3 (approx. $10.9 million).


Rob, Kristen and Taylor to appear at the “Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular

Justin Bieber will set off sparks of his own when he performs at the "Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular" on NBC on Sunday (July 4).
Guess who else is coming? You guessed it! NBC says Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and other stars from the "Twilight: Eclipse" cast are also participating in the event, which airs at 9 p.m. ET Sunday
Are you planning to watch the Biebster, Robsten and Taylor at the Macy's Fireworks Spectacular this Sunday?
We totally are! This is all the fireworks we need!


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Top IMDB Starmeter Rankings

Hollywood;s coolest and the most romantic on –screen pair, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, have topped the IMDB star meter rankings. Incredibly beautiful Kristen Stewart was ranked no.1 while Pattinson came in second. Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner too carved a place for himself coming in at the no.7 spot on the star meter.
The Twilight saga stars are definitely on a roll. IMDB’s star meter has all the three actors playing the main characters in the saga in the top 10. The beauty, Stewart, is no.1 while the vampire Robert is no.2 and the beast, Lautner came in at the seventh spot.
The release of the third movie in the Twilight saga called ‘Eclipse’ pushed Pattinson’s and Kristen’s rankings to the top.

 During the months leading up to “Eclipse”, Pattinson’s and Stewart’s IMDB STARmeter rankings had hovered around #6 and #7, with wide spreads separating Pattinson and Stewart from all other Twilight Saga stars. One interesting point to note is the fact that the stars’ IMDB Stars seem perfectly aligned, with history showing them staying back to back in the rankings (though sometimes changing positions) and moving in the same direction at the same time. This will definitely give some ammunition to the camp believing that the stars are a couple and destiny is sending signals.
Eclipse’s success at the box office also proved to be a factor in the Twilight actors topping the IMDB star meter. Plus public inquisitiveness about the relationship status of Pattinson and Stewart is also at a high. While neither of the stars has openly admitted that they are dating, Pattinson has thrown a hint here and a hint there pointing to their being a couple. But some have also pointed out that the whole couple thing may just be a publicity stunt to promote ‘Eclipse’. If it really is a public stunt, then it sure is working judging by the earnings of the movie.

Robert Pattinson got positive feedback from the media in recent months for films such as “Bel Ami” and “Water for Elephants”. Kristen Stewart on the other hand had mixed reactions from the media. She came under fire from the media for her rash comments about the paparazzi but at the same time emerged as the queen of indie and also became a youth style icon.

2 AMAZING fan-made videos of Robsten!

These two videos will make you fall in LOVE with  Rob and Kristen if you haven't. If you have , these videos will make you realize how REAL they are (: ENJOY.

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What was your favorite scene in ECLIPSE?

Warning: Some of the answers might contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

What was your favorite scene in ECLIPSE?

My favorite had to be the ending, to me it was sweet but also funny. I loved how Edward and Bella talked about the wedding and telling Charlie.

I also liked  , well LOVED the leg hitch scene and the proposal was really good.

ECLIPSE beats the Dark Knight's Summer record!

Despite the focus on the World Cup, so far having only opened internationally in 21 countries – a few yesterday and most today - Eclipse has already raked in $16.2 million.

Gossip Cop will update with breakdowns for each country…


More records…

The newest numbers have Eclipse putting up a $68.5 million total on its first day, breaking the Wednesday opening record of $62 million set by Transformers 2.

The film also had the biggest summer period opening ever, beating Dark Knight ($67.2 million).

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


It was a total Eclipse from the start.

The blockbuster third installment of The Twilight Saga opened to more than $30 million on its first night in North America.

It surpasses the previous midnight opening record holder, which was the second Twilight installment, New Moon, at $26.3 million.

It’s too early to know whether Eclipse will top New Moon’s (full) first day record of $72.7 million.

The movie also set a new IMAX record for midnight grosses with over $1 million from 192 theaters, beating Transformers 2’s $959,000.

Source : Gossip Cop

VIDEO : Rob's Message to the fans of UK.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pictures of Kristen on Lopez Tonight!

Here are some pictures , of our girl on Lopez Tonight. Doesn't she look stunning ;) What do you think of her outfit? Her Hair?

Better quality

Teen Choice Awards Nominations ~ LINKS!

Robert Pattinson

Best FANTASY Male Actor
Remember Me -BEST Drama Movie
Best DRAMA Actor
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Male Hottie - Click Here

Kristen Stewart
Best FEMALE Fantasy Actress
The RunAways - Best Drama Movie
Best DRAMA Actress
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Best Chemistry
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New Moon
Best Fantasy Movie.
Click HERE
Fanatic Fans - Twilight Click Here

Other Cast Members:
Ashley Greene, Dakota Fanning, Anna Kendrick - Female Scene Stealer
Kellan Lutz ~ Male Scene Stealer
Rachelle Lefevre ~ Best Villain
Click here to vote.

Eclipse Review ! NO SPOILERS. Pictures+Video

WARNING. I will NOT include ANY spoilers BUT some of the things i include in the review you might consider it as a spoiler. Read at your own risk.

I arrived at the theater here in Miami to see Eclipse at midnight at 9pm. I thought the lines were not going to be LONG since it was early but to my surprise it was three times what it was last year. As midnight approached the line became longer and longer. The theater was inside the mall in the third floor , some people were waiting since the morning and the line was all the way down to the second floor, yeah it was that long. I heard that in some theaters they had to close down all the rooms and OPEN them all ONLY for ECLIPSE. Im going to break down the review per character and scenes that you guys were dying to see. OF COURSE, NO SPOILERS. If you want any ,DM in twitter (@RobstenWorld)

Edward Cullen - Robert Pattinson : Edward was the same as in Twilight and New Moon but more passionate. Robert Pattinson really did an amazing job, he gets better and better ladies ;) ahaha! His kisses with Bella were MORE INTENSE! ALOT MORE ;) and he seemed to care about Bella's feelings for Jacob. You guys might know this because you guys read the book.

Bella Swan - Kristen Stewart - Bella was stronger in this movie , like she showed Edward that as much as she loved him she also cared for her best friend. Kristen did an amazing job portraying Bella as someone who had grown and had decided what she wanted.

Jacob Black - Taylor Lautner - Eh, well. Taylor he is still without a shirt most of the movie. He comes out in most of the movie and whenever Edward and Bella were having a moment he would appear UGH! LOL! BUT i must say the kid has talent and if it wasn't for all the TEAM JACOB girls who annoy me i might even like him a little bit :P

The Cullens:I loved how they portrayed  the family this time. So close and working to save Bella. The part were Rosalie talks with Bella (You guys saw it in the trailers) showed us another side of Rosalie and Nikki did do a good job. She tried to be tough with Bella but still showed that she cared about her by telling her that becoming a vampire was not the best idea. Jasper was amazing, so funny! During the fighting scenes (i will talk about it later) he would joke around with Emmett ALOT! and those were the funniest moments in the movie. The Cullens were AMAZING in this movie. I won't say more :P

The Werewolves: All i can say , is that they were more REAL this time. I can't say more because then i'll spoil it for you guys. The way they decided to work with the Cullens and how they interacted was great. David Slade did a good job with those scenes & the rest of the movie too ;)

Fighting Scenes: I mentioned that this year there were more GUYS watching the movie and of course , it's because the fighting scenes were INTENSE! I loved them. The werewolves and vampires working together was great !

Leg Hitch Scene : OMG! This scene was HOT! The kiss was INTENSE. I won't say NO MORE. Watch it ;)

Proposal: Beautiful...Beautiful..! So sweet. Robert and Kristen made it look so real. I was in tears when i was watching!

Tent Scene : The scene was hilarious at the beginning and then when Edward and Jacob started talking it was sweet. These two guys need to get over their feud, they would make great friends... :P ahah!

Jacob and Bella Kisses: The first kiss was whatever , he barely touched her lips BUT the second one was different. I wont say how, again , i don't want to spoil it. I was mad when i saw it BUT then i saw Edward and the things he told her and i was like awhe<3. So , don't be too mad when you see it!

Bellas hair : The wig was not bad. In some scenes people would ask each other "Is that a wig?" Because it was obvious. BUT, it was not as bad as i thought it would be!

Over all, the movie was the BEST out of all three. Better Edward and Bella Kisses , the fighting was without doubt THE BEST! So GOOD! and it was some how funnier too!  Those who saw it , what did YOU think?

Monday, June 28, 2010

STILLS* Kristen interview with David Letterman

Twilight star Robert Pattinson reveals all about his relationship with Kristen Stewart

One of Britain’s hottest acting talents Robert Pattinson has spoken out about his relationship with co-star with Kristen Stewart.

“Kristen and I have lived a great adventure together with the Twilight films.

We are very close and noone can understand what we’ve gone through together the last few years, He says.
“When we’re together, we understand each other so well that we don’t have to say a lot to explain what we’re thinking. Kristen is a wonderful girl.”

Pattinson also rubbished rumours that women throw themselves at him in the street, and claims he’s not at all cool.

“I don’t want to disappoint girls who might think I’m very cool and smooth, which I’m not, I’m afraid. I’m still quite shy, although that seems to be something of an attraction for women.”

Robsten on Forbes Top 100

#50 Robert Pattinson

 Everyone's favorite vampire may be on the verge of becoming a true movie star.

Pay $17.0 mil

Category Actors

Pay Rank :86

Web Rank :7

Press Rank: 37

TV/Radio Rank: 53

Social Rank :68

Everyone's favorite vampire may be on the verge of becoming a true movie star. Pattinson earns most of his money from the Twilight films where he stars as Edward Cullen. But he'll break out of the Twilight rut with next year's Like Water for Elephants, based on the popular novel and costarring Reese Witherspoon.
Kristen Stewart :
Power Rank: 66

Pay: $12.0 mil

Category: Teen stars

Pay :Rank 92

Web Rank :9

Press Rank :53

TV/Radio Rank :62

Social Rank: 69

The 20-year-old Stewart is now recognizable to teens around the world as Bella, the human caught between a vampire and a werewolf in the Twilight series. The movies have so far earned $1 billion at the box office and made Stewart a star. She stretched her wings this year with the indie film The Runaways where she played Joan Jett.

NEW ICONS. Kristen's new hair (:

Made by me (:
Let me know what you guys think. I will try to make more later.

FAN pictures of Kristen at Letterman.


Kristen dyes her hair & pictures of her arriving at Letterman.

I will be adding more pictures keep checking the blog!

Kristen's upcoming interviews and showings.

6/28- Letterman
6/29- Regis & Kelly
6/30- George Lopez

Follow me on @RobstenWorld for videos and pictures(:

Teen Choice Awards NOMINATIONS!

Robert Pattinson
- Best MALE perforamce [DRAMA] - Remember Me.
- Best MALE performace [FANTASY] - New Moon

Kristen Stewart

- Best FEMALE performance [DRAMA] - The RunAways
-Best FEMALE performace [FANTASY] - New Moon


- Best LipLock - New Moon
- Best Chemistry - New Moon

New Moon

- Best Fantasy Movie

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