Saturday, June 5, 2010

Korean Interview- They ask Kristen about Rob.

They ask her why ROB couldn't go and if they're a couple. I love her expression when they asked her about him and the way she answered about them being together.

Information about the MTV Movie Awards.

1. Seating Arrangements.
As you might see Robsten are apperently seating next to each other. posted the seating arrangements for everyone and im glad to see this(;

Voting does not end until tonight at midnight and voting for BEST MOVIE does NOT end until they announce the winner tomorrow. PLEASE keep voting until it ends, WE ALL WANT Rob and Kris to win.

3. Twitter

For those who wont be able to see the show , i will be tweeting throughout the show (@RobstenWorld) and i will be sending tweetPics of Rob and Kris and the New Moon Cast. MONDAY! i will post videos on here from the show.

4. Trending Topics

We should send a phrase in all our tweets that has to do with Twilight or Robsten so we can own the trending topics:) I was thinking #RobstenBESTKiss or something like that. Leave a comment with what you think we should do. I thought of this because i remember last year they would announce during the red carpet the most popular trending topics that had to do with the awards.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Believe what you see (: Robsten Rumors.

There has been several rumors going around that Robsten broke up. Some fans are believing them and others ,like me, are laughing at them because we've gone through this before. When Robert started filming "Remember Me" , there were some tabloids saying that Rob and Kristen were not a thing anymore because Rob was with Emilie. Now, Robert is filiming "Water For Elephants" and they're saying the same thing. Im  not trying to get everyone to agree with me , but im saying to BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE. Tabloids are ALWAYS going to say that they're dating when they think they will make good money out of it , and they will say they're NOT when they think that the will make more money and so on. Ted Casablanda @TheAwfulTruth wrote an article denying these rumors and assuring everyone Robsten are still a thing. I guess we all have to wait, because the truth always comes out , even if it takes a while to.