Monday, June 14, 2010

Eclipse Cast talks about Kissing scenes and much more!

Video recorded by me. NOT BEST QUALITY. ;/

Robsten Picture and Video of the day!

Video of the Day :

Some Eclipse Reviews!

Some people were lucky to see Eclipse on IMAX and here are some of their reviews :)

Heidi, Twilight Facebook: "Let me just say you guys will LOVE Eclipse"

Lauren, Twilight Facebook: "Just got out of 'Eclipse'! It was AMAZING. Thank you @DAVID_A_SLADE for really bringing out the best of this book and movie. :)"

Twilight Lexicon: "The Whole admin team just got to see Eclipse in IMAX. All of us agree 100% with Loris post Oprah Show review!"

Twilighters Anonymous: "Promise no spoilers, but I will say Eclipse is the best of the three. Very well done and the fight scene will give you goosebumps."

Taryn Ryder, E! Online: "know im not allowed 2 tweet ab eclipse.but since it's good does that not count?100% best 1 so far,very very pleasantly surprised"

BUZZNET: "We just saw a screening of Eclipse. It was pretty funny for an emo love story. Will live tweet the interviews w the cast tomorrow. Tune in!"

Joshua Horowitz, MTV: "I've seen "Eclipse" and I don't think I can say much more than that. I'll risk execution and say it's the best of the 3."

Steve Weintraub, "Eclipse in IMAX looked great. Best action of series.Also wolf effects much better than new moon.Fans are going to love it"

George Roush, "#Eclipse is the best of the #Twilight movies. The CGI was a lot better and the fights were pretty cool. And they talked about love and s---."

Shaun Robinson: "Just saw Eclipse! Great! So much ACTION and, ladies, the guys are HOTTER than ever!"

RPattz wants to be able to go on a date (HELLO KRISTEN (; )

Finding someone to go out with Robert Pattinson? Mmm, probably not much of a problem (Hi Kristen Stewart!). Actually being able to take that person out? A bit more challenging given, you know, some strange pop culture phenomenon going on right now that causes the paparazzi to track his every move.
"I would like to go on a date," Robert told Jenna Bush Hager on the Today show Monday morning. "I'm just saying. I'm just putting that out there. Because I never go on dates anymore."
Of course, the inevitable attention R.Pattz will get while filming the now two-part Breaking Dawn movies won't really help his social life either, and may even force him to take drastic measures…
"The last time, when we were shooting Eclipse in Vancouver, the entire paparazzi population of L.A. came up and just camped outside the hotel," he said. "So, if it's in Vancouver, I'll probably end up getting cabin fever and end up jumping off the balcony."

Then again, he could simply just deal with it the way K.Stew does.


MORE Robsten Pictures! ENJOY :)

Pictures of Robsten at the Eclipse Convention

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Robsten's other ideas for "BEST KISS!"

According to Kristen, Robert had some funny ideas for their acceptance of the "Best Kiss" award at the MTV Movie Awards. Kristen said that Robert wanted to light a match while she was juggling and he was hula hooping, KStew also added that she's glad that they did not do what he wanted and doesn't regret kissing.

'He wanted to light a match while I was juggling and he was hula hooping,' Stewart says of Pattinson's alternate ideas for the MTV Movie Awards. Robert got the idea from his upcoming movie "Water For Elephants." Kristen admitted than she can't barely walk , so it would've been impossible for her to juggle in heels.


Robsten "DEATH" rumors are UNTRUE.!

This is just too funny. The things people make up on the internet..! People need to stop making up rumors of celebrities dying. It's not funny.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dead rumors struck the Net today.

Of course, any Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dead stories must be false, however. If Pattinson and Stewart died, then the Twilight fan base would utterly collapse and consume the world with tears. In addition, Summit Entertainment would panic, since they still need the stars to complete the last Twilight films, and promote Twilight: Eclipse. However, the world of Twi-hards can rest easy, as the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dead rumors are just rumors, and nothing more.

This morning, search engines exploded with the latest celebrity death rumors - but this time, they declared two celebrities dead at once. What's more, it was the favorite couple - or rumored to be couple - of tweens around the world. The Internet already tried to kill off Justin Bieber, but now it is taking on other famous tween icons.

The Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dead rumor source is unknown. But according to websites like Daily World Trends, they both died of a drug overdose. Heroin is mentioned as a possible cause of death, yet there have never been legitimate rumors of the Twilight icons using drugs. Although they often have a moody image, Pattinson and Stewart have not had any real scandals attached to them.

Not only is this speculation untrue, it may be patched together from an old Internet death story. The Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dead report isn't the first time Pattinson has been killed off for a heroin overdose. In fact, he died of heroin in November 2008, right before he became a megastar, and also overdosed in August 2009, according to the New York Daily News.

It seems that the Internet celebrity death mill isn't even trying to be original anymore. It already declared Justin Bieber dead for the second time in a month, killed off Miley Cyrus yet again, and even said Russell Crowe was gone. The more these rumors spread, the less believable they become - and they were already unbelievable to start with.