Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kristen is in the list of "Green Celebrities fighting to Stop Global Warming"

Angelina Jolie is doing it. Jennifer Aniston is doing it. Kristen Stewart is doing it. Sheryl Crow is doing it. Tony Hawk is doing it new, too. So is Arnold Schwarzenegger. What do all of these A-list star celebs have in common? They are all green celebrities doing their part to fight climate change and stop global warming. [Nov. 28]

Going green has become part of Hollywood culture — more specifically, A-List pop culture related to star celebs. It is hard to spend a week watching TV or going to a movie that some pop culturereference to the green movement cannot be seen or to read any entertainment journals and not read something about these humanitarians we know and love from movies on the silver screen.

The following list of Hollywood celebrities are well-known in Hollywood social circles for acting cool by doing whatever they can to STOP GLOBAL WARMING.This includes donating time and money, living a green lifestyle, and making red carpet celebrity appearances on the green carpet as celebrity spokesmen, too.


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