Friday, December 3, 2010

Scene Today Magazine Updates on Breaking Dawn Filming + Scans!

“As Twilight has fallen on Baton Rouge, some other news outlets have been less considerate than Scene of the actors’ and filmmakers’ space, reporting on specific filming on location and even revealing their places of residence. Yet, there have been no negative incidents to report. Actors and filmmakers have been largely allowed to simply work. And the respect has been reciprocal.

While attending the LSU vs. Ole Miss game with Scene Magazine and other film industry professionals, Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey was approached by an exhuberant fifteen year old fan. In true Tiger spirit, he graciously posed for the photo at left before entering the Chancellors Party to tailgate as a guest of the university.”

Source: Twilightlexicon
Via: gossip-dance
VIA: Robsten Dreams


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