Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kristen, Rob (Eclipse) in Capricho Award Winners!


Film of the Year

1st Place Eclipse

2nd Place Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows Part 1

3rd Place The Last Song

No. 4 Camp Rock 2

5th Percy Jackson – The lightning thief

Best Royal Couple

1st place Kris and Robert

2nd place and Di Mari Rios

3rd place Zac and Vanessa

No. 4 Bianca Bin and Gabriel Chadan

No. 5 Penn and Blake Lively Badglegy

Three big loses for Rob because of Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber:

Best Kiss of Fiction
1st place Jacob and Bella in Ecplise

No. 2 Edward and Bella in Eclipse

3rd place Liam in The Last Song

4th place Shane and Mitchie in Camp Rock 2

No. 5 Taylor and Taylor, comings and goings of Love

Best International Actor

1st place Taylor Lautner

2nd place Robert Pattinson

3rd place Daniel Radcliffe

No. 4 David Henrie

No. 5 Ian Somerhalder

International Eye Candy

1st place Justin Bieber

2nd place Robert Pattinson

3rd place Chace Crawford

No. 4 Joe Jonas

No. 5 David Henrie

Best Actress International

1st place Kristen Stewart

2nd Place Selena Gomez

3rd place Emma Watson

4th place Ashley Greene

5th place Leighton Meester

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Via Source: gossip-dance
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