Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rob Allegedly Spotted Out in Louisiana

According to the Facebook page Twilight Takes Over Baton Rouge,

Tricia Cypriano Brasseur Just saw rob in a black tahoe by prairieville exit on interstate!!!!!!! 2 hours ago

Emily Crook I was just sitting at on the half shell(waiting in my food),at the corner of old Perkins and airline and Robert just ride by in his bicycle with his security detail behind him. He took a left on airline if anybody wants to try and find him!:) he came into my job Wed, and now this sighting WOW I’m lucky 5 hours ago

i am 100% certain it was him. I didnt get a pic I was talkn on the phone uugghh, his security that he came into my job with wed was riding behind him in the same SUV that they have been in. Robert and security came into my job wed, then just the security came in fri, same SUV all times
4 hours ago

he was on a white bicycle, he had his ray bans on (again) and shorts and a brown jacket and a hat
4 hours ago

no its a silver SUV, like a ford hybrid. Nothing u would imagine, but it has very dark tinted windows. I work on highland rd, they have ordered food from there, put it that way..4 hours ago


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