Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catherine Hardwicke and Jackson Rathbone Flew to PA to Convince Kristen to be Bella!

Did you know Catherine flew to Kristen to talk her into Twilight? I didn't!!! According to, the Hardwicke flew to find her Bella.

Stewart was in Pittsburgh working on the indie film "Adventureland" when she first got wind of "Twilight." At the time, she says, she didn't really have "enough room in my head" to even consider aproject of that magnitude.

Still, she was up for the audition and

recalls being thrilled when director Catherine Hardwicke and actor

Jackson Rathbone flew to Pittsburgh to meet with her. "We worked

together for four hours," Stewart says. "

And by the end of it, we

didn't want to stop talking about it, and Catherine was like,

'Okay, well, I think you should do this. I'm gonna get on a plane

now, but hopefully we can continue this discussion later.' I was

like, 'Uh, does that mean…' I couldn't believe it."

Like Scott, Hardwicke was charmed by Stewart's brief "Into the

Wild" performance. "I felt her vulnerability and yearning leap off

the screen when she sat on that bed in the trailer, trying to

seduce Emile [Hirsch]," Hardwicke recalls. "Kristen has to feel

everything—to connect, to make it her own. She is intense and

powerful and athletically gifted. Bella Swan is clumsy. Kristen had

to be the most awkward volleyball player in 'Twilight,' but in

reality she's a superstar."

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