Friday, November 12, 2010

Brazil goes: Tweet Tweet

                                                       Breaking Dawn from Tweeter

Friday, November 12, 2010

Some tweets on what's going on in Brazil!!

@FePattz: just a correction. steph walked around paraty on wed night and thurs afternoon not morning like i wrote.
@FePattz: and that used the track go to to the house that they are staying at the isle..
@FePattz:the article didn't say if they are heading to Rio or if they wrapped in Brazil. 'VEJA' just says that Bill called off the shooting yesterday
@FePattz: Steph stayed in an Inn there.. tasted typical food and bought some souvenirs. she almost went unrecognized.

@FePattz: and steph visit the center of Paraty withoy any problems. she went there on wed afternoon and thurs morning.

@FePattz: they had to use a track cos was a lot of papz infront of the house using boats
@FePattz: so Bill call off the shooting yesterday afternoon due to bad weather!

Thanks so much to @FePattz for keeping us updated.
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