Thursday, November 18, 2010

Straight from RobSten Dreams! Breaking Dawn Info!

                                        Nona in Nola!! BREAKING DAWN EXCLUSIVE!!!

Well for many days now I have tweeting about the fact that we have some rather large news to share with our followers. I was so excited that I was actually doing a little fangirl happy dance!! I couldn't believe the information that I was receiving! We are so lucky that we can now officially announce that we have been in connection with a "source" that is confirmed. She is definitely connected to Breaking Dawn but in what way we will not be releasing. For our sakes she is called Nona in Nola. So when ever she feels like sharing some information she will sooo...... with that being said here is our little tidbits that have been shared with me over the past week. I have been so excited to share this information with you all. Please feel free to comment but if it is hateful or mean than we prefer you just don't participate really. Nona is doing this because she as well is a fan of Robsten and loves the fandom as well. Please check any hate at the door because it is not welcome here! We are excited about our new relationship with Nona and Welcome her with open arms!


The night that supposedly Rob and Kristen spent the night on Isle Esme was incorrect. Rob and Kristen were in fact the first ones off the island but the weather got very bad like 70 mph winds and there for everyone else including Stephenie Meyer got stuck on Isle Esme and the crew and all were forced to sleep wherever they could. The crew was very unhappy that they had no alcohol. Haha!! I would be too!

Nona has confirmed that Rob and Kristen have not officially filmed any sex scenes in Rio! I am kind of glad too with that creepy guy filming BTS without Summit being aware. All those scenes will be filmed in studio in Baton Rouge. Hmmm....Well Ladies all the fun is about to begin and has already began!!

In fact in soundstage 2 at Celtic Media Center is where the interior Isle Esme set, including the honeymoon bed, bathroom with the most gorgeous bathtub in the center of the room that you've ever seen, and patio lounge area.(BATH TUB OH YES I LOVE THIS!)

The honeymoon bed is a 4-poster bed and it stands in the middle of the room. You will actually get to see the sheets being shredded, pillows torn apart, and headboard ripped into pieces which I'm sure the fans are going to love! Ummm YES WE WILL LOVE!!

Also confirmed by Nona is Rob and Kristen are together all of the time! Nona has never seen them with out each other!!! I know!! I LOVE IT!! They are also staying together in their own place (Of course no one knows and it should stay that way.) while filming is in production. There has not been a lot of interaction with Robsten at this point but stated that Kristen is absolutely more beautiful in person than on film and is super tiny, and in fact most of the main cast is sooo beautiful and looks even more gorgeous with out any make up on like Kristen and Ashley.

Lastly I asked about the Lainey Gossip rumor yesterday and yes the imprinting piece is true but much more detailed. As for the fight, that's different than that what Lainey described. The entire wolf pack come to fight Edward, Jasper and Alice to get inside to kill "the thing". Edward was able to read their thoughts before they got there to see their intentions. While this is happening, Jacob is inside with Renesmee. The Cullens are about to lose the fight when Carlisle, Esme, and Emmet join the fight too. Then Jacob sees from the window what is going on outside and goes out, staying in human form. He yells at the pack to stop attacking. And he says that if they kill her (Renesmee), they kill him. Sam in wolf form snarls and knocks Jacob over, causing him to phase. Once he's phased, Edward translates Jacob's thoughts to everyone. He says that Jacob has imprinted, and because of that, no one can kill the baby because no one can kill someone who has been imprinted on. Then the wolves retreat. They cannot disobey this law of their world.
Lastly all rumors about Fairy Dust Cakes doing the cake for the wedding are just that. They are rumors and are not true.
I do have more information to release but will wait for another day!! As I get more information I will post. I hope you all love this as much as I did. I can't wait to share more as it progresses!!

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