Monday, November 15, 2010

Kristen's stunt double talks about Kristen and Breaking Dawn

It all began in September when she and Raphael Martins, 22, Pattinson's look-a-like, did a photo shoot for a Brazilian newspaper. In late October, Roberta was called up to the producer Zohar, one of those responsible for filming in Rio after an indication by Raphael. "The cinematographer of the film joked that I was prettier than Kristen," she says. Prevented by contract to tell details of the shooting, Roberta had to hide the news from friends and even his brother Rafael, 11, who is a fan of the saga by Stephenie Meyer. Just told her mother. "The pay is in U.S. dollars. I can only say that it is good money," she says. "I'm not a fan. I saw the movie only because my friends said I looked like Kristen. I am not identical. We share the bright white skin, hair and delicate nose, " she says.

On Monday (9), Roberta and Raphael participated in a romantic sequence in a waterfall in Paraty, a city of Rio, which lasted about 12 hours. The cast and crew are there from Monday (9), since according to the original story is in this tropical setting that Edward and Bella are the honeymoon. Roberta says that when the actors came to film at the Gloria Marina in Rio's Zona Sul,Kristen shook her hand and Robert thanked her with a polite "thank you". "As I do not speak English, I did not try to respond back. They are really quick to shoot, no work at all" she says. "Sure, we wanted to take pictures and autographs with them, but we weren't allowed. They were super friednly. Kristen is much prettier in person."

Once the director called the final "cut!", Roberta hoped to return to her parents' home in Marilia, Sao Paulo, where she grew up (she was born in Echaporã, also in Sao Paulo).


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