Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tweets Surrounding The Sightings of Robsten last night!

Thanks to @Spunk_Ransom

Tweets Surrounding The Sightings:

From: @Beau_Nelson (K’s makeup artist.)

Saw Rob P last night at a Bday party, I always forget he’s a brit til he opens his mouth and says something charming.

From: @LeeIsMy1stName

Chillin @ the Thompson Hotel 4 my cous Brandon Villarino’s 30th. Thers thes 2 ppl named Robert Pattison & Kristen Stewart here too. Nice ppl

From: @avner_azryel

•Robert pattinson and kristen are here at this pool party

•*kristen stewart

•@xxKrisbianxmich thompson hotel, beverly hills, they left already

•@xxKrisbianxmich nope, just smoking and kissing and hanging out with friends

•@xxKrisbianxmich I was just partying with friends and they happened to be there. Living in Los Angeles you run into celebrities a lot…

•@xxKrisbianxmich Kinda late for that, when I got there, there were about 5 cameramen waiting outside for them

•@xxKrisbianxmich no idea, they were waiting for them outside when I got to the hotel. I’m sure you’ll see it on tmz or something

•@xxKrisbianxmich sorry nothing else to tell I was there to party with my friends and didnt pay attention to them I didnt want to bother them

•@KStewhearts No, I didn’t want to bug them. Plus I was there to hang out with my friends

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