Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Rob & Kristen Sightings in BR

EXCLUSIVE from Spunk Ransom:

"I just received the information of a person who has sources on set, that Rob was filming today! Apparently the day off was just yesterday. He WASN’T dressed as Edward when my source saw him! She was only around him for like 5 min, To be more clear.. he was on the studio lot."

This news is EXCLUSIVE to Spunk Ransom from - Isadora(@isadoranassif)

Also other spottings...

@Robstenland by the way, robsten was spotted at a pizza place in BR!

The girl who spotted Robsten at the Pizza Place said that “he’s all in love with Bella (aka Kristen)” <333 #ROBSTEN

@PUNKD_Images Rob and Kristen were spotted at a pizza place yesterday

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