Saturday, August 14, 2010

Journalist talks about his encounter with Kristen and Rob in Montreal

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On the plateau On The Road in Montreal:

I live 10 years old Montreal and in me is continuing I've crossed Leonardo Di Caprio, Heath Ledger, Susan Sarandon, Ben Affleck, Vanessa Paradis and her husband Johnny Depp for among others.

Last Thursday night tradition continued in one of the best restaurant in old Montreal, the Club hunting and fishing.

I should have crossed at the door friend, bodyguard for many big stars including Céline Dion. And in the light at the entrance, I realized that there is an important personality in the Interior.

Professional secrecy requires, he wouldn't tell me who it was but I quickly realized that it was the star of Twilight, turning to the movie Kristen Stewart On the Road by Director Walter Salles.

At the bottom of the restaurant, Kristen was a table surrounded by five friends whose... none other than... Robert Pattinson! The Twilight couple was in Montreal.

I have waited that they leave to send a message on twitter saying that I I had seen them, without knowing that I was going to trigger a response far beyond my expectations!

Immediately, groups from Twilight fans began to excite on social networks and 20 minutes later, the bible of American gossip magazines, People Magazine called in the Hunt Club and to verify the new fisheries.

Since then, I get messages worldwide Twilight fans who want news from their idols.

US Weekly Magazine came into contact with me twice to see if I had a scoop on the couple of time. I told them that I myself am quite simply found in the right place at the right time and that I am a journalist, and not a paparazzi.

Stars like Montréal for tranquillity and hospitality they find and would like to much that it will remain like that!

In the meantime, I'll leave Kristen Robert live a romantic stay... or not!) in the beautiful city of Montreal

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